Why Is Seventh Heaven An Ultimate Spa Destination In Noida?


You’ve spent a huge amount of time working late, doing overtime, be it for family or your naggy boss. So what do we do now to save the last essence of life left in you?

Personally, to us, a spa just sounds about what you need to get that getaway you deserve but never credited yourself enough for. Not only will it reduce the amount of stress in your body, but massages also have been proven to be great for increasing blood circulation and relaxation, and of course, lethal for all the stress and muscle soreness you harbor within you. 

A stress-free day is just a spa away! 

We kid you not, but honestly, a good therapeutic massage can drain away all your tiredness and fatigue from the day. Isn’t that what you just need?

Good for you, we seem to have just the right kind of suggestions for you- try using the Zoylee app to find the spa of your liking and look through all the facilities provided by the spas.

This app not just acts as a necessary tool to navigate through options at ease but also gives you an idea of massages and baths available. Sounds like therapy itself, right?

How to reach the Seventh Heaven

Established in 2016, Seventh Heaven in Noida has been a one-stop destination for all sorts of body massages and is a beauty spa for both men and women. They firmly believe in customer satisfaction with the use of good products and services.

Having a team of employees dedicated to fulfilling all the service needs, they’ve been increasingly harboring a vast base of clients ever since. For a fact, they have the vision to grow its consumer base and go pan India by providing a lineup of products and utility. We guarantee that you can spot the spa very easily as it is properly linked to the metropolis via various modes of transport with a furbish and fresh look to it. Again, you can always use the Zoylee app to steer through the streets at ease and book an appointment for yourself and get a better look at the area.

Services at Seventh Heaven

They have a wide range of hot tub spas from Russian to Thai, from beauty spas services for both men and women to steam rooms and many more, you name it, and they’ve got you covered. The Employee team is well trained and equipped with the required skills to give you the experience worth your time and money. You can rest assured and sure-fired in their efficient hands. Moreover, you can also interact with the staff representatives to get the service of your liking! Sounds cool, right?

Pricing and packaging

The pricing of all the packages and all the massage types are economical with no bluff and sham. They have:

Normal Body Spa Massage  Unisex 5% 45 m  Rs. 663
Aroma Massage  Unisex  5% 45 m  Rs. 758
Turkish Massage  Unisex  15% 45 m  Rs. 1020
Swedish Massage  Unisex  5% 45 m  Rs. 758 
Full Body Scrub Massage  Unisex  15% 45 m  Rs. 1700
Oil Massage  Unisex  15% 45 m  Rs. 594

Now, didn’t we just say they were completely reasonable? For a better idea of the rates and pricing of all the packages, you might want to visit Seventh Heaven‘s official website  or visit our Zoylee website for all the relevant information and contact the staff members to discuss the packages and settle the prices.



An empty stomach will never do you any good. A good beverage will help you give the essential hydration and nutrients, leveling your blood sugar level and mineral composition in the body, enhancing your spa experience. Understanding this very well, we provide a range of beverages to our customers to get rejuvenated and have an experience worth their time.


The methods of payment are kept haste-free and easy. We accept deposits from all modes of payment, i.e., via;

  • Credit or Debit,
  • Cash,
  • Cheques
  • American Express cards, and
  • Other UPI options like Paytm, Phone pay, etc.


A good parking space that doesn’t only curb the appeal but also implies smart and mindful management of the area, not to mention to follow the traffic norms and save space.

Air Conditioned

Now obviously, it’s a spa where you’ll go all sapped up and in, from the scorching heat of the sun, you wouldn’t want to get all wet in sweat again, right(unless it’s a sauna bath you want! just kidding). Here, they have a proper centralized Air conditioning setup to get your mood going about on higher notes only.


Okay, so you have decided to take some time off of your weary schedule, but we know that the work you have doesn’t just stop to go with your flow. This is the reason why you can always work while you wait for your turn, using the WiFi services enabled for you. So now the world about you won’t have to take a pause, or you don’t necessarily have to face the wrath of your boss for missing out on some mundane business.

To get a better perspective on the services and convenience provided by Seventh Heaven, you may head to the official Zoylee website or download the Zoylee app from the play store.

What people think about us

Rating and reviews:-

Having a diverse lineup of products and services, Seventh Heaven has gotten a pretty great reputation with a hardworking and dedicated staff. They’ve continuously strived and achieved the targets and fulfilled the customer demands at an impressive pace. Furthermore, you will find genuine reviews on the Zoylee app.

How to book an appointment using the Zoylee app?

You can get your hands on the Zoylee by:

  • Download the Zoylee free app from the google play store- Go and search for the Zoylee app and download it for free. The app is evidently effortless to navigate and makes it easier for you to browse through all the options on spas that you have.
  • Browse through the Zoylee website– The easiest way to find Zoylee is to search it on search engines, and you will find us on the top of the searched items and mentioned on various blog sites.

Why is Zoylee a must-have app?

  • You can actually seamlessly browse and navigate through the salons in your area you might want to know of.
  • You will find all the relevant information related to the salon of your intent.
  • To make the browsing experience even better and subtle, the app has all the appointment timings, durations of a particular session, and various massage pricing and services mentioned in its toolbars.
  • The contents you seek can be sorted out on the basis of different categories( based on pricing, location, and services) that are grid provided on the app’s interface.
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