Virat Kohli Beard Styles From Classic Stubble to Regal Goatee


Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket team captain, is not just known for his impressive batting skills but also for his ever-evolving sense of style. Over the years, he has experimented with various beard styles, inspiring countless fans to try something new.

Top 10 Virat Kohli Beard Styles: A Glimpse into the Cricketer’s Iconic Looks

1. Full Beard with Distinctive Jawline

Full Beard with Distinctive Jawline 1

Credit: Pinterest

This is one of Kohli’s most popular styles. The full beard is neatly trimmed, with clean lines around the jawline and cheeks, highlighting his chiseled features.

2. The Classic Stubble Virat Kohli Beard Style

Classic Stubble Virat Kohli

Credit: Pinterest

In his earlier years, Kohli often sported a classic stubble. This low-maintenance look is perfect for those who want a touch of facial hair without the commitment of a full beard.

3. Full Mustache and Beard Look

Full Mustache and Beard

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Kohli has rocked a full mustache and beard combination, adding a touch of ruggedness to his persona. This style requires a bit more maintenance but undeniably adds a bold statement.

4. Full Goatee with a Detached Mustache

Goatee with a Detached Mustache

Credit: Pinterest

This unique style features a full goatee connecting to the beard along the jawline, while the mustache remains separate. It’s a trendy and contemporary take on facial hair.

5. Light Goatee

Light Goatee

Credit: Pinterest

Kohli has also sported a light goatee, focusing on the chin and soul patch area with minimal growth on the cheeks and mustache. This creates a defined look without being overly dramatic.

6. The French Beard Style

French Beard Style

Credit: Pinterest

This style involves a pointed goatee with a slightly curved mustache. Kohli’s well-groomed version of this style exudes a touch of sophistication.

7. Goatee and Mustache with Trimmed Scruff

Goatee and Mustache with Trimmed

Credit: Pinterest

This look combines a goatee and mustache with lightly trimmed beard hair on the cheeks. It offers a balance between the clean-cut and rugged aesthetics.

8. Ducktail Beard Style

Ducktail Beard Style

Credit: Pinterest

Kohli isn’t afraid to try bolder styles. The ducktail beard features a thicker and pointed chin area, resembling a duck’s tail. This style makes a strong visual statement.

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9. Light Faded Beard

Light Faded Beard

Credit: Pinterest

This look involves a short beard with a gradual fade on the sides. It’s a subtle yet stylish option for those who prefer a less prominent beard.

10. Short and Groomed Beard

Short and Groomed Beard

Kohli has also sported a short and neatly groomed beard, keeping the length consistent throughout. This is a versatile option that can be easily adapted to different hairstyles and occasions.


Virat Kohli’s beard style transcends the boundaries of sport, not only beard but virat kohli hairstyles are also creating sensation between her fans and emerging as a cultural phenomenon in its own right. It embodies the spirit of modern masculinity, blending ruggedness with refinement in a way that only Kohli can. As he continues to inspire millions with his achievements, his beard remains a defining feature of his enduring legacy.


What is Virat Kohli beard style called?

Virat Kohli’s most recognizable beard style is called a full goatee with detached mustache and razored sides. He has also sported other styles like stubble, light goatees, and different combinations of mustaches and beards.

How to grow Kohli beard?

Achieving the specific look of Virat Kohli’s beard requires personal growth patterns and genetics, here’s a general guide on how to cultivate a similar style.

  • Shave or trim your beard for at least 4-6 weeks to allow your beard to grow fully.
  • Wash your beard regularly with a gentle beard wash or shampoo to remove dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells.
  • Use a beard conditioner after washing to keep the hair soft and manageable.
  • Once your beard has reached a desired length, use beard trimmers or scissors to shape it into the “full goatee” style.
  • Applying beard oil daily can help moisturize the hair and skin beneath, promoting healthy growth and reducing itching.

Will Virat Kohli shave his beard?

Predicting whether Virat Kohli will shave his beard is impossible with certainty. In the past, Kohli has expressed his enjoyment of his beard, stating it suits him and is easy to maintain and. He even playfully disagreed with his wife’s suggestion to shave it off in a recent social media interaction.

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