Trending Bridal Hairstyles of 2020


India weddings have always been an event of a grand affair. From the decorations to ceremonies and dresses to makeup, everything is bound to have the touch of extravagance. Similarly, bridal hairstyles also deserve the same amount of attention as other beautifying details. 

So, if your D-day is around the corner and you want to look like a ravishing siren, straight out of a fairy tale, you have come to the right destination.

Traditional bridal hairstyles

  • Floral Bun

This is one of the common hairstyles that is adorned by all the ladies in weddings and its related rituals. However, a trending tweak in this hairstyle this season has been the use of complete floral use instead of partial ones.

  • Crimped Pouffe

This is one of the traditional Bong wedding hairstyles that is currently seen adorned by brides of other communities too. A semi-tight hair updo is given after the hair is thoroughly crimped and set with hair setting spray.

Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair

  • Rose Bun

The long locks are straightened and twisted in swirls to form an enchanting rose-structured bun.

  • Twisted Braid Bun

The long hairs are crimped, fluffed, and twisted to create such a charming hairstyle.

Some other trending bridal braids for long hair are:

  • Mermaid Style
  • South Indian Bride Hairstyle
  • Loose, French Knot
  • Accessorised Bun
  • Floral Princess

Bridal Hairstyle for Short Hair

  • Veere-Di-Wedding Style

This is a much-liked hairstyle spotted by Kareena Kapoor in the movie, Veere Di Wedding. The best thing about this hairstyle is it does not require long hair. If you have medium to short hair, this bridal hairstyle can be your steal deal.

  • Rolled updo
  • 40’s style Juda
  • Elegant blow-dry

Where to find trending hairstyles for a would-be-bride?

This indeed is a million-dollar question that almost all would-be brides ask.  The first answer would be Google, as it offers thousands of eye-catchy options. However, the execution with the utmost finesse can be only given by a reputed salon hairstylist. Even if we try to apply the same hairstyle by ourselves, the result can never be the same as that of a professional. 

Who cares what others follow, your choice from the above-suggested hairstyles can give a modish approach to your complete look that others are bound to seek inspiration from.