Traditional Bridal Makeup for 2022 Brides

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Bridal Makeup has evolved and come a long way since the 90’s. Long gone are the days of over-the-top white-washed cakey foundation with overly plucked thin eyebrows. In the era of Instagram and social media, brides opt for a more “natural” and “skin-like” look even, if it comes to getting a traditional style bridal makeup look. 

Makeup artists take into consideration what the client wants instead of dumping what is trending in terms of makeup on them. This makes the work coordination and overall outlook much better when it comes to the finished look. When it comes to traditional bridal makeup, the techniques have drastically changed. 

Since India is a diverse culture with different traditions, the concept of “traditional bridal makeup” varies from state to state. In some cultures, a big red “bindi” is one of the key elements in bridal makeup whereas, in others, jewelry and statement accessories play a huge role. Certain elements of makeup like the lip, eyes, base, and hairstyle are what put together the entire look. 

2022 brides have an immense amount of pressure on them to look picture perfect on social media and hence we have put together 5 elements that complete a traditional bridal makeup look. Let’s get started.


1. Kohl rimmed eyes

Kohl rimmed eyes

A quintessential Indian bride is incomplete without some gorgeous kajal/kohl on her eyes. This is one of the key elements to an Indian bridal makeup. For generations, women have used kohl to enhance their eyes and hence this concoction can also be made at home. From smudge-free to long-lasting and colorful waterproof formulas, the market is filled with various options and we are all hearts for it. Make sure to blend and smudge it well with a brush and set it in with a black eyeshadow for the finished look.

2. Classic Red Lip

Classic Red Lip traditional bridal makeup

From generations to come to traditional bridal makeup is incomplete without the classic red lipstick. In earlier times, women chewed betel leaves(paan) to stain their lips. Whereas, in current times, various formulas like creamy, matte, transfer-proof, and long-lasting are playing a role in the market. Choose one that suits your taste type and budget. We totally love the shade Ruby Woo and Fiery Red from the company MAC. Discuss with your makeup artist in advance to decide upon your look.

3. Gold eyeshadow

Gold eyeshadow

One of the most obvious makeup elements when it comes to an Indian Bridal Makeup look is the usage of gold eyeshadow. This shimmery shade often complements the highlighter and makes a dramatic cut crease eye makeup look. Hence, this color is absolutely necessary to add to your wholesome Indian bridal look that gives sparkling and cool looks for your wedding.

4. Different shades of Pink Blush

Different shades of Pink Blush

Since Indians have a vast tone of shades and many of them fall into the gorgeous dusky category, the makeup artists use a combination of neutral and bright hues of pink blush. This is what puts together the entire skin work and look of the bride. It is also essential not to overdo the natural features of the bride. Blend it towards the temples of the forehead to give it a more chiseled look.

5. True to skin “Foundation”

True to skin “Foundation”

Most often, the majority of makeup artists whitewash their beautiful olive-toned or dusky brides in the name of traditional Indian makeup. This is due to the unnecessary societal pressure to look “fair” on the big day. However, a foundation match that is true to the client’s skin tone is extremely necessary to avoid looking cakey and weird. Yellowish hued medium shades of the foundation also do not oxidize easily or turn grey. They also photograph beautifully and do not cause flashbacks. Discuss this aspect well in advance with your makeup artist.


In conclusion, traditional Indian bridal makeup is a huge aspect when it comes to looking picture perfect on your D-day. There is also a huge possibility of one overdoing it or going overboard with the products and hence it is extremely important to do thorough research and talk in advance with your makeup artist. We hope that you have found these little tips, tricks, and hacks useful and would rock your look on your wedding day.