5 Top Shaving Myths Busted


In these unprecedented times when coronavirus has paused our worldly lives, the issue of body hair has become a worldwide personal affair. With the salons being closed, and everyone living in lockdown, using the method of waxing to remove body hair was out of the scenario, and thus, people try to resort to other techniques of body hair removal. One such popular method came out to be shaving myths. During the period of lockdown shaving, the body hair came as a relief to many women and men, but despite such popularity, the stigma around shaving myths remained the same.

So, today I will help you bust the myths that surround the concept of shaving.

Myth 1: Shaving Of Hair Causes The Hair To Grow Back Thicker


Mostly the quality and the color of the hair depend on the person’s genetics. Usually what happens when we shave is that the blade only cuts the hair from the skin’s surface, and hence when the hair grows back it appears as if it is thick and hard due to its pointed edge which was initially caused by the striking of the razor blade.

Myth 2: Shaving Makes The Skin Darker


First of all, it’s the 21st century and if we are still stressing over the color of the skin, then we really need to educate ourselves first. But, coming onto the myth, so here is the science-based justification. Shaving is a recommended way of exfoliation by renowned dermatologists. Shaving helps to clear the skin from within and gives a smooth and shiny glow which is impossible by any other method of hair removal. So, the next time you shave but still have this myth in your head then simply give the article another read.

Myth 3: Shaving Makes Hair Growth Faster


The rate of hair growth is different in different body parts. For instance, the hair grows at a 50% faster rate on the armpit as compared to any other body part. It’s all science dear reader. It is true that shaving only cuts the hair from the surface, but it does not amplify the rate of hair growth.

Myth 4: Shaving Makes Skin Rough


When the hair grows back it does give a coarse feel due to the cutting of the hair from the edge, but instead, after shaving myths the skin feels as smooth and glowy as a feather. It’s scientifically recommended to shave your facial hair once or twice a week as shaving helps to exfoliate the skin and makes the skin radiate with shine and confidence.

Myth 5: It Is Okay To Use Someone Else’s Razor


Now, this is a strict no-no when it comes to shaving. Using someone else’s razor could cause skin allergies, acne, and other skin-related issues. It is highly recommended to strictly abide by using your own razor. In case of emergencies make sure that you wash the razor with an antiseptic first and then use it. After all, prevention is always better than cure.
After busting these five popular shaving myths, let me tell you the benefits of incorporating the practice of shaving in your lives.

  • It helps to exfoliate the skin and makes the skin smoother.
  • It is cheap, and easily accessible even in times of lockdown.
  • You can pack your razor and take it anywhere with you, and thus it is a travel-friendly method of hair removal.
  • For people who are suffering from unusual hair growth, shaving could come as a blessing.
  • Lastly, shaving could help you to keep your skincare routine in check.

So, go ahead and use this awesome and convenient method of hair removal, and do tell us about your experience with shaving myths in the comments section down below.

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