Top15 Hairstyles for Men with Beards in 2021

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Men have long been thought of as the embodiment of all things rough and often misconstrued as persons that lack self-care, but the pandemic has helped us understand ourselves better and shattered societal norms only to help more men embrace their identity and indulge in themselves; and if there is one physical feature that’s given the most attention by men, it’s their hair.

Hairstyles and beard trims are one of the most prominent features on your face which represent your lifestyle and personality as much as they affect your physical appearance. So, we’re here to help you navigate through a haul of options and bring the best to you.

Zoylee brings to you its selection of the finest hairstyles for men in 2021, for gentlemen with a penchant for facial hair.

1. The Short Quiff + Stubble

short Quiff + Stubble

One of the most sought-after haircuts often rocked by the likes of David Beckham, this haircut coupled with a stubble stands out enough to keep eyes on you while simultaneously being subtle enough to be fronting a conference.

A perfect concoction for CEOs and athletes alike.

Try this style with your sharp tuxedo and oxfords (not brogues) or perhaps your #07 jersey.

2. Tapered Fade + Garibaldi

Garibaldi+ taper fade

A textbook cocktail of classic and contemporary, the tapered fade involves only the trim of temple and neckline hair.

Make way for men with voluminous beards! This combination will turn heads with the neat yet profound look it yields.

3. Undercut + Full/Stubble


The undercut has been here for a while and we can’t get enough of it; it still is one of the most sought-after hairstyles for men owing to its comfort and breezy ambiance.

Almost all beards go well with the undercut, as it gives a cleaner, more modern look to the overall appearance.

Those with prominent jawlines will appreciate the undercut’s ability to enhance the feature coupled with a stubble.

No need to shave that beard, give it a worthy companion instead.

4. Chin Length Wavy + Medium

chin length

Get inspired by the Dark Knight himself. Christian Bale nailed this style in the finale of Nolan’s trilogy.

Effortless and posh, you can pass this brew almost everywhere.

Trim the hair to chin length and with a little hand-combing, the hair fits right in with the beard.

5. Crop + Medium-Heavy


If you’re someone who loves their facial hair but can’t manage up there, you might have struck gold.

A look for the 21st-century entrepreneur, keep your balance and symmetry intact.

Short hair is extremely easy to manage and with no complicated treatment required, you can fit this look right into your schedule.

6. Buzzcut + Smooth Trim

buzz cut

Try this look and prepare yourself for the hotline bling.

Super smooth is all you need to say about this.

A fine and even trim along the scalp coupled with a pinch of fade fits the hair right in with the super short trimmed beard. Perfect for oval face shapes due to the well-proportioned dimensions.

7. Clean + Heavy


For those of us who prefer it without any hassles, try this Viking look.

If you’re open to ideas outside the box, you should try a style outside the hair.

Though extremely masculine as per societal standards, refrain from indulging in toxic masculinity and witness the magic kindness brings.

8. Long + Medium

long hair medium beard

Didn’t get a haircut or a shave? No worries, try this look and get a load of how nature intended it to be.

Let your hair grow out with regular trims and pair it with a managed medium-length beard.

The look feels especially comfortable on people with broad shoulders and a heavy built.

9. Messy + Short


Sit back, relax, Netflix and chill.

Embrace the mess and the pajamas, without going out of your way.

Lockdowns have paved the way for a new lifestyle, we’ve brought you a look that charms with minimal effort. Spend time with yourself and do not let the chaos bother you.

10. Skin Fade

skin fade

A look to experiment with and still keep it subtle.

The hairstyle is versatile with numerous variations to go for your facial structure.

Pair it with a cut line to bring out an edgy look.

If accessories are your jam, especially someone with an ear-piercing, this look is definitely for you.

Note: Styling efforts are on the higher end for this look.

11. Man Bun  + Medium-Full

man bun

A great choice for men with long hair, the man bun is a hairstyle for men with virtually unlimited possibilities.

The style is captivating and brings out the best in all age groups (take notes for salt and pepper).

Go out and try a full-man bun, top-knot, or a bun with an undercut, best matched with a pair of glasses or tattoos.

12. Slicked Back + Trim

Slicked Back

Men with elongated facial structures need to avoid adding length to their face, and this look is a blessing.

A timeless hairstyle, championed by men throughout history.

The chic and bold look brings out the best in your apparel and accessory choices.

13. Textured Fringe + Fine Trim


The hairstyle helps balance the forehead and jawline and keeps the hair in proportion with facial features.

If you’re going for a look that brings out your youthful exuberance, try this one with a neatly trimmed beard.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, any added texture would only bring out the look more.

To receive experts’ help on the look, search for highly-rated salons near you with Zoylee.

14. New Pompadour + Stubble

New Pompadour

Another old-school classic, this style has seen a resurgence during recent times.

If you struggle with an absence of a fenced facial structure, try this look to add striking definitions to your face.

Since the look adds volume, stubble would go a long way with it.

15. Crew Cut + Short Trim

crew cut

The crew cut has been the go-to style for men from every generation and 2021 is bringing this trend back into the limelight.

Suited for all face shapes and body structures, the cut is one of the easiest to manage.

While you sit at home wary of the pandemic and wondering if you could give yourself one of these, we recommended logging on to Zoylee and booking an appointment at one of our many sanitized and fully hygienic partner salons and pamper yourself.