12 French Beard Styles That Will Flatter Any Face Shape


Are you thinking about French beard styles? Look no further than the French beard! It’s a classic and stylish choice that works for many face shapes. This guide explores 12 different French beard styles, so you can find the perfect one for you.

From the classic Fu Manchu to the modern Mutton Chops clean-cut to full and bold, there’s a French beard style for everyone. Plus, they’re all relatively easy to maintain, even for beginners.

1. The Classic French Cut

The Classic French Cut
















A timeless choice, the Classic Cut features a well-groomed mustache and a neatly trimmed beard that extends along the jawline. It exudes sophistication and elegance.

2. The Sophisticated Stubble French

Sophisticated Stubble French

















For a refined yet rugged look, the Sophisticated Stubble French keeps the beard short and stubbly. It’s effortlessly stylish and suits various face shapes.

3. The Defined French Chin Strap

The Defined French Chin Strap






















The Defined French Chin Strap emphasizes the jawline by creating a precise, thin strip of beard along the chin. It’s sharp, clean, and adds definition to your face.

4. Goatee French Beard

Goatee French Beard


















A fusion of elegance and goatee style, this features a small, pointed beard under the chin. It’s versatile and complements both formal and casual attire.

5. The Clean-Lined Tight French Beard

Clean-Lined Tight French

















This style involves a closely cropped beard with clean lines. It’s neat, professional, and ideal for those who prefer a minimalist look.

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6. The Bold Soul Patch French

Bold Soul Patch French

















The Bold Soul Patch centers around a distinctive soul patch just below the lower lip. It’s daring, expressive, and draws attention to the mouth area.

7. The Timeless Van Dyke

Timeless Van Dyke French

Inspired by the 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck, this beard pairs a goatee with a disconnected mustache. It’s artistic, charismatic, and enduring.

8. The Edgy W-Shaped French

Edgy W-Shaped French













The Edgy W-Shaped French forms a unique “W” pattern along the jawline. It’s unconventional, creative, and appeals to those who want to stand out.

9. The Effortless Lazy French

Effortless Lazy French

















For a laid-back vibe, the Effortless Lazy French maintains a slightly unkempt appearance. It’s relaxed, easygoing, and suits a carefree attitude.

10. The Understated Thin French Beard

Understated Thin French














A subtle choice, the Understated Thin features a slim beard that outlines the jawline. It’s understated yet refined.

11. The Short & Structured Boxed French

Short & Structured Boxed French

















This style combines a short beard with defined edges, creating a boxed appearance. It’s sharp, modern, and suits various face shapes.

12. The Powerful Balbo French Beard

Powerful Balbo French



























The Powerful Balbo features a disconnected mustache and a separate goatee. It’s confident, charismatic, and often associated with leadership.

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The best French beard style for you will depend on your facial features, hair type, and personal style. Consider your face shape and choose a style that complements it. If you have patchy beard growth, some styles might not be ideal. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you! Select your favorite, give it some love, and enjoy the classic charm of the beard.

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