Top 15 Bridal Makeup Looks for 2022 Brides


The Indian wedding fiesta is a huge celebration of food, drinks and free flowing champagne. The term “big, fat Indian wedding” has been coined in conjunction of the wedding season which has almost been transformed into a mini festival of sorts. The pressure to get the “bridal makeup looks” absolutely correct has often wreaked havoc on many women. 

Not to mention the sky-high prices that many Makeup artists charge on the basis of their social media following. A decision and investment this huge, needs to be done with proper scrutiny and research. In the era of digital manipulation with filters, editing tools, software’s and more, it is often almost impossible to separate fantasy from reality. For example, a person with hooded eyes will have to go for a different style of eye makeup as compared to someone wide almond eyes.  To make the entire process a little easy for the “bride to be” we have handpicked and curated a list of 10 trending bridal looks. 

Simple and Natural look

A simple and natural look enhances the beauty of the bride, without changing her overall features to a drastic level. The product usage and techniques are lightweight and skin-like to boost the finished look of the bride.

1. Nude and Matte  

When it comes to “bridal makeup looks” and “wedding makeup look”, one of the most popular and common choices is that of a nude and matte look. Inspired by celebrities like Katrina Kaif, this look is a safe option when one is confused and lost in a sea of “trending bridal makeup” looks. A clean base with muted eyes and a nude lip will enhance your natural undertones while complementing the overall look wonderfully. 

Nude and Matte bridal Looks

2. Hues of Brown 

Brown Makeup eye makeup is somewhat muted, simple, and clean yet adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. This simple yet multipurpose color can be used to contour, define your eyes and even shape your brows. If you are one of those brides who want something gorgeous yet not too much “in your face” then this is the perfect option to go for. If you have been searching for keywords like “bridal makeup simple” and “Indian bride look” then look no further. Take cues from the beautiful Bollywood actress Patralekha who aced this look at her wedding reception to Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao.  

Hues of Brown bridal looks

3. The minimalist look 

Minimalism is the new age “clean makeup look” for all the brides to be and what makes this look even more special is its sheer simplicity.  Flushed cheeks, feather brows, a dash of highlighter, and a medium coverage base; nothing better than a look that screams of “sheer elegance” right? Minimalism is gorgeous if you are someone who is blessed with naturally beautiful skin. This makes the makeup artist uses fewer products which eventually decreases the chances of cakey makeup or creasing. Take cues from the gorgeous Alia Bhatt to complete the look.

The minimalist bridal look

4. No eyeliner/lashes look 

Although it is often assumed that the main focus of any bridal look is the eye makeup, many brides have opted to ditch the traditional route. No eyeliner and fake eyelashes have been the new trend as many brides choose to keep it as light and simple as possible. This fresh take on bridal makeup is surely here to stay for the long run. However to make the look not feel “washed out” and dull, opt for a soft wing liner with a brown eyeshadow instead. Apply contrasting lipstick for that finished look. 

No eyeliner/lashes bridal look

Picture Credit – Chandni Singh Studio

Glamorous and Glossy  

A glamorous and glossy look is inspired by our favorite Bollywood celebrities. A blinding and shining highlighter with glossy lips is what makes this look unique.

5. Nude and Glossy 

Healthy and dewy skin with loads of highlighter, shimmer, and a beautiful glow is what makes this look so attractive. A light color on the lids with minimal definition on the crease with a little pop of loose pigment is the best option to finish this look. Ask your makeup artist to finish the look with a shimmery setting spray instead of a matte one for that extra dose of shine. When searching for keywords like “wedding Indian bridal makeup” browse through the pages of your favorite artists to find that perfect inspiration picture and save it in your drafts asap!

Nude and Glossy bridal makeup look

6. Gold and Shimmery 

Often, women search for topics like “Indian bridal makeup” or “traditional bridal makeup” which instantly portrays a picture of shimmer, glitter, and gold in our eyes. Gold has been associated with wealth, luxury, and glamour for ages which is the main reason for its inclusion in makeup looks. In current times it is widely used in combination with black smokey eyes or with loose pigments. From drastic yellow to the more subtle and muted shades of gold, this look has evolved over time. It instantly draws attention to the eyes while making it pop. Go for this look if you want to take your “bridal simple makeup” up a notch. 


Gold and Shimmery bridal makeup look

7. The bronzed look 

If you are someone who likes to give out Kim Kardashian vibes then worry no more. A Super glam and bronzed look should undoubtedly be on the menu. This will not only give you a chiseled face but will also enhance your features over your heavy bridal jewelry or attire. 

The bronzed bridal makeup look 

Picture Credit – Parul Garg 

Hues of Red 

Indian bridal looks have been associated with the color “red” for generations to come now. This classic and foolproof color is an instant hit with brides from every age group.

8. Royal Red 

A perfect bridal makeup look is incomplete without the stunning classic and royal red color. It depicts fertility, honor, trust, and a beautiful amalgamation of love in the holy union of marriage. Apart from the traditional practices, different shades of red enhance dusky to fair skin tones beautifully, which makes it a popular choice for women of all age groups. Include a striking red on your lips, cheeks, or eyelids for that dramatic effect. 

Royal Red look

9. The Smokey eye magic 

Smokey eyes have been around since Bollywood movies from the 2000s era have popularized songs like “Crazy Kiya re” and “Kajra re.” Black eyeshadow blended with heavy liner and kohl is the ultimate definition of a well-done smokey eye. If you are one of those brides who are blessed with big, beautiful eyes go for this option without a second thought. Similarly, if you are someone with comparatively smaller eyes skip this look as it can make them look smaller.  Take cues from Bollywood’s reigning queen Deepika Padukone to master this look correctly.

The Smokey eye magic look

10. Feathered Brow look

Feather brows have taken the entire internet by storm. Soft, feathery strokes are created on the brows instead of the traditional heavily filled-in ones. This makes the face softer, with a more natural approach. We absolutely love the new take on this bridal look. Ditch the soap bars and opt for clear eyebrow gels instead as it dries quickly and is easier to fill in.

Feathered Brow look 

Picture Credit – Amreen K Artistry

Riot of Colors  

Functions like “Haldi” and “Mehendi” have been a riot of colors for as long as we can remember. In current times, the brides are opting for complimenting and colorful makeup hues to look every bit stunning and we absolutely love it.

11. Color Burst 

One of the most trending bridal looks of current times is a colorful mix of bright neon pigments like pink, green, blue, and yellow. This look is sported mainly by brides who are going for a Mehendi function. Paired with Brazilian makeup techniques and an “angel eyeliner” style, this look is bold, dramatic, and everything that will make your guests shower you with compliments. 

A thin line of silver or gold can be used to define the crease in order to give it a more dazzling finish. A “New bridal look” includes everything that one can ask for in this bright and colorful option. 


Color Burst look

Picture Credit – Sugandh Khanna 

12. The hot pink look 

“Hot Pink” is one of the new favorites when it comes to bridal makeup. Bold neon on the eyelids, lips, cheeks or even highlighter is what makes this look so unique and set apart from the rest. If you are one of those daring, unconventional brides, then this is the perfect option for you to try on your D-day.


The hot pink look 

Picture Credit – makeupbymeghagarima

The “Glam 2022” signature bridal look

A glamorous 2022 bride will be all about experimenting and breaking traditional norms. From airbrush and HD makeup to graphic liners and a pop of color, the signature bride is nothing short of revolutionary. 

13. Airbrush Finish 

An airbrush finish is when a specific tool is filled with the pigments of foundation, concealer, cream blush, and contour to give the client a “pore-less” bridal makeup. This option is often selected by brides who have texturized or acne-prone skin. Using a tool ensures minimal contact of the skin with the makeup artist’s hands which in turn doesn’t aggravate any other facial or skincare issues. While searching for keywords like “bridal makeup Indian” to book your favorite makeup artist, always choose someone who has quite an experience in this field as this technique is not an easy one to master. 


Airbrush Finish look

Picture Credit – Chandni Singh Studio 

14. HD makeup look

The basic description of an HD makeup look is that of “high definition” makeup. High Definition makeup basically means looking flawless in real life even without cameras, lights, and artificial filters. An HD makeup look basically uses products that are of good quality and have longevity. It makes the skin look blemish-free and corrects any error. It is also a makeup that lasts for nearly 18-20 hours even if the bride is crying or sweating. 


HD makeup look

                                                    Picture Credit – Chandni Singh Studio

15. The millennial bridal look  

Millennial brides are a combination of glitz, glamour, fun, elegance, and everything out of the box. From highlighted soft curls to sparkly eyes and graphic liner, a millennial bride can make everything simple and add a little bit of magic! It is all about experimenting to the fullest. 


millennial bridal look 

Picture Credit – Parul Garg 


In conclusion, “Indian Makeup Bridal” is a diverse and wide range of creative fields which requires research, experience, and loads of inspiration. Something that works for one bride, simply may not work for another due to differences in skin type, shade, shape, and texture. It is important to not go for something that is simply trending or because it looks good on someone’s social media. Create your own signature style and discuss it well in advance with your makeup artist to create the look of your dreams! We wish all our readers a very happy wedding season.