11 Summer Skin Care Tips To Protect Yourself From Scorching Heat


With the season swap, our skin also needs some changes. Most of the time, we lack the knowledge of how to keep our skin healthy. It’s almost summer, and there must be some summer skin care tips that you should know. If your skin also suffers from increased temperature, heat stroke, harmful UV rays, and sunburn, then follow these simple tips to protect yourself.

1. Never Say No To Sunscreen!

Never Say No To Sunscreen!
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Summer is not just about working but also going on vacation to your favorite places. With the increasing heat, you should level up the SPF game too. It protects our skin from the harmful UV rays, inflammation, and sunburn. Don’t forget to carry extra sunscreen with you to beat the heat.

Tip: Not just your face, apply sunscreen on your hands, body, and feet too.

2. Moisturising Lotion Works As A Magical Potion

Moisturising Lotion Works As A Magical Potion

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You might skip moisturizing thinking that your skin is hydrated. Excess oily skin due to heat does not mean that your skin has moisture. Applying moisturizer in the summer season is necessary and in winter too. Instead of a deep moisturizer, prefer using a lighter one. So, gel and puree based lotions are a good source of the same as they’re fast absorbing and do not clog skin pores.

A good SPF-based moisturizer should definitely be added to your summer skincare routine as it benefits your skin by making it smoother and protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. So this summer, don’t forget to apply moisturizers and beat the heat with a glass of lime soda!

3. Exfoliating Twice A Week

Exfoliating Twice A Week

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Season of summer does not only come with stroking heat but also humidity causing sweat. It can cause dirt to stick to your skin and clog the pores. Exfoliation can help remove dirt and sebum from the pores that cause skin breakouts. Exfoliating more than once can damage your skin but summer does not fall under this category, so to maintain healthy summer skin you can exfoliate twice a week.

Your body also gets more sweaty as compared to your face and can cause dirt settlement. So not only on your face but it is necessary to exfoliate your body too.

4. Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum

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Severe heat and sunstroke can cause sunburn, irritation, and other problems. Vitamin C serums work well to protect the skin from the effect of photodamage. It works as a skin armor that evens and brightens the skin tone. Vitamin C really suits all weather conditions, so don’t miss applying it post-cleansing!

5. Lighter Makeup For A Fresh Look

Lighter Makeup For A Fresh Look

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Sweat can cause a big time messy makeup. This is the major problem in summer and ladies hate it. Another problem is that heavy makeup blocks the pores and the skin is unable to breathe. One of the best summer beauty tips is to opt for SPF-based makeup products as they feel extremely light on the face protecting it from harmful UV rays. Avoid using heavy makeup and try tinted products for a glowy summer look.

6. Avoid Using Comedogenic Products

Avoid Using Comedogenic ProductsCredit- Hey Honey Skin Care

Comedogenic products refer to the products that can cause blackheads and blocking of pores. Adding non-comedogenic products to your skincare vanity can do magic to your skin during summer. Do check out the products before blindly adding them to your daily skincare routine.

7. Shorter Showers Have More Power

Shorter Showers Have More Power Credit: Racold

Scorching heat leads to an unquenchable craving for long cold showers! After a hustling day, your body needs a refreshing bath but avoid longer bath and go for one to two-minute showers. You should take a bath twice a day to maintain the hygiene of your skin and wash off the dirt and sweat.

8. Friendship with Fluids

Friendship with FluidsCredit: Digital Insurance

During summer, the body gets dehydrated because of the high temperature outside. In order to maintain the level of liquid in your body, add fluids like water, and juice to your diet to get healthy summer skin. Fluids do not just hydrate our body but also help remove toxicants and impurities.

9. Wash Your Face Twice A Day

Wash Your Face Twice A DayThe most effective way to feel refreshed in summer is by washing your face twice a day. This can help remove dirt and prevent skin from breakouts. You can use your regular cleansers to wash your face but keep in mind to use a gentle cleanser deeply as it removes dirt and oil.

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10. Using Fewer Retinoids

Using Fewer RetinoidsCredit- Women’s Health Magazine

Retinoids are good for skin softening but in summer they can make your skin sensitive. They can get unbalanced when in contact with the sun. Use retinoids moderately in summer to prevent skin irritation. This will turn out to be one of the best summer skincare tips.

11. Sun Protective Clothes / Accessories

Sun Protective Clothes / AccessoriesCredit- SOCIETY’19

If you are going to work or a vacation in summer, you should wear clothes and accessories that are breathable. Avoid wearing heavy clothes and opt for cotton ones that will not irritate your skin as they’re lighter and comfy. Loose fitting dresses, goggles/shades, scarfs, and hat will work as a shield to your skin and body.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should apply on face in summer?

To keep your skin healthy in summer, you should apply a good moisturizer, and sunscreen between SPF 30-50. Wear breathable clothes and accessories, cleanse your face twice a day, and keep yourself hydrated.

How can I make my skin glow in summer?

Below are some tips for glowing skin in summer-

  • Wear sunscreen
  • Wash your face
  • Apply light makeup
  • Exfoliate to remove dirt from the skin
  • Shade to avoid glow fade

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