10 Summer Nail Design Trends Rocking 2024


Summer is synonymous with sunshine, sandals, and sizzling manis! But with so many nail trends popping up, it can be hard to choose just one. Fear not, fellow fashionistas! This year, we’ve got you covered with 10 of the hottest summer nail designs rocking in 2024.

10 Hottest Summer Nail Designs

1. Neon Bright Summer Nails

Neon Bright Summer Nails

neon bright summer nails lime green

Embrace the electric energy of summer with neon brights! Think lime green, electric pink, or a tangerine dream. These eye-catching colors are perfect for a pool party or a night out on the town.

2. Green Bright Summer Nails

Green Bright Summer Nails

Green Bright Summer Nail

Don’t shy away from embracing the vibrant energy of summer with neon or lime green nails! These electrifying colors are perfect for pool parties or a night out. They pair well with a simple white sundress or a bold patterned bikini, letting your nail art design be the star of the show.

3. Hot Pink Summer Nails

Hot Pink Summer Nails

Hot Pink Summer Nail

Want something a touch more playful? Hot pink nails add a vibrant pop of color and are perfect for those who love to make a statement.

4. Orange Summer Nails

Orange Summer Nail

Orange Summer Nails

Channel your inner sunshine with a juicy orange manicure. This citrusy hue is perfect for a beach trip or a summer barbecue.

5. French Manicure with Chrome Tip

French Manicure with Chrome Tip

French Manicure with Chrome

Freshen your French manicure for summer with a touch of chrome! Ditch the classic white tip and opt for a chrome finish in silver, gold, or rose gold. It’s a simple update that adds a touch of modern shine to this timeless design.

6. Neutral Summer Nails

Neutral Summer Nails

Neutral Summer Nails taupe

Sometimes, simplicity is key. Neutral tones like beige, taupe, or soft pink are incredibly versatile and perfect for those who prefer a more understated look.

7. Ombre Summer Nails

Ombre Summer Nails

Ombre Summer Nails soft pink

Ombre summer nails also known as gradient nails, this technique creates a beautiful and elegant transition between two or more summery colors. Think a soft pink fading into a vibrant coral or a calming lavender merging into a sky blue.

8. Purple Summer Nails

Purple Summer Nails

Purple Summer Nails

Purple Summer Nail

For a touch of mystery and elegance, consider a rich purple manicure. This sophisticated hue is perfect for an evening out or a special occasion.

9. Bright Cherry Red Summer Nail Inspo

Bright Cherry Red Summer Nails

Bright Cherry Red Summer Nail Inspo

Channel your inner summer siren with a fiery cherry red manicure! This timeless and bold shade exudes confidence and complements a variety of skin tones. It’s perfect for a night out, a pool party, or simply adding a pop of color to your everyday look.  For extra summer flair, consider pairing it with a trendy chrome finish or a subtle white tip for a modern French manicure twist.

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10. Classy Summer Nails

Classy Summer Nails

Classy Summer Nail

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-maintained manicure. Short, neatly filed nails in a classic shade like pale pink or soft nude exude effortless elegance, perfect for any summer occasion.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to add a layer of high-gloss top coat to seal your summer mani and keep it looking fresh all season long!


So, there you have it! With these 10 hot summer nail design trends, you’re sure to find the perfect look to rock all season long. Remember, the most important thing is to choose a design that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Happy polishing!

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What are good summer colors for nails?

Embrace the sunshine with your nails! This summer, rock bright and bold colors like neon green, hot pink, or juicy orange. For a touch of elegance, classic red or sophisticated purple never go out of style. Feeling more mellow? Soft pastels, neutrals like beige or taupe, and calming blues are perfect for a breezy summer vibe. Don’t forget chrome! Opt for pastel chrome, a luxurious white chrome, or a modern twist on the French manicure nail with a chrome tip.

What nail color is trending right now?

Neon brights and bold colors are a big hit this summer! Think electric pink, lime green, or a juicy orange. But don’t forget about timeless elegance – classic red and chic white are always in style. For a more subtle pop, pastels like baby pink or lavender are trendy, and chrome finishes with a soft sheen add a modern twist.

What are the nails for summer 2024?

Summer 2024 nails are all about bold colors and fresh takes on classics. Think neon brights, juicy oranges, and playful mismatched manis. But don’t forget elegance! Chrome twists on french manicures and chic neutrals are also trending. For a unique touch, try ombre shades or eye-catching “aura” polishes. No matter your style, there’s a perfect summer nail design waiting for you!

What is the hottest nail trend?

This summer, it’s all about embracing bold colors and playful vibes! Neon brights, juicy oranges, and hot pinks are taking center stage. But for a more sophisticated touch, chrome finishes in pastel shades or a modern twist on the French manicure with a metallic tip are turning heads. No matter your style, there’s a hot summer nail trend waiting to be rocked!