Steps To Remove Makeup Without Cotton Pads


When you take your makeup off at the end of the day, the last thing you will be thinking about is what effect your cotton pad or makeup wipe has on the environment. 

If you have a routine, it goes without any second thoughts – the same way you discard your toothpaste tubes after each use, it’s a habit. But we can no longer turn away from the fact that these small conveniences come at a cost to our planet.

Parties, weddings, or any special occasion calls for a little bit of makeup. No matter what you wear, a little dab of blush and a stroke of eyeliner or a peppy lip shade can elevate your look from mere ordinary to ultra-glam. 

While most of us dedicate a good amount of time to applying makeup on our faces to give a perfect look, we often neglect to remove it after the party. Though post parties can get really tiresome, this little mistake can cause and invite more troubles in our lives. This can cause a lot of skin issues in the long run.

Experts call makeup removal an essential part of maintaining healthy and glowy skin since we never got to know what sort of chemicals we were being exposed to or letting our skins be exposed to. Therefore, you must never go to sleep with your makeup on.

There are tons of makeup-removing products available in the market that can surely help you clean your face thoroughly without taking much effort of yours. While some may argue that those products contain chemicals that barely do any good for our skin.

Moreover, sensitive skins may not take too nicely to such products. Then what do we do in such a case? 

As they say, there is nothing wrong with going the natural way, you can ditch those commercial makeup wipes and liquid removers and head to your kitchen instead to use everyday ingredients to do the job, and that too without having to worry about side effects.

Most wipes contain polyester, cotton, wood pulp, rayon fibers, and a cocktail of plastics, which means they are non-biodegradable and are essentially bad for your skin. 

Research has shown that makeup wipes tend to smear around whatever makeup and debris are already present on your face and allow it to become a breeding ground for bacteria. So removing your makeup with a wipe may seem like you are doing your skin a favor leading to clogged pores and breakouts.

To help you get started, we present a few really quick and easy natural ways to remove your makeup and something that will help you in pampering your skin as well at the same time.

1. Milk


The way milk is good for our health, the same way it works amazingly on our skin too. It is equally amazing. Don’t you remember those old stories of queens like Cleopatra where she used milk to take a bath?

The fat and proteins in milk, especially whole milk, can help hydrate and allow your skin to retain moisture. If you have tough makeup to remove, use a little bit of milk or olive oil. Apply it all over your face and then wipe it off with a washcloth or cotton ball.

You can use a tablespoon of almond oil as well, add it to a bowl of whole milk, and rub it all over your face with a cotton ball. It will not only refresh your face but also remove makeup. 

To remove eye makeup, wipe your eyes with a cotton ball dipped in milk, and then rinse your face clean.

2. Baking Soda and Honey

Baking Soda and Honey

This amazing remedy works wonders for any type of makeup. Put a little organic honey on a clean cloth and sprinkle in some baking soda, then clean your face with it. The combination of baking soda and honey works as an excellent cleanser as well as an exfoliator. 

No need to scrub hard, rub it in gently and complete the process by rinsing your face.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

This wonder ingredient impresses through simplicity. You don’t need anything else to remove even waterproof makeup. Just a dab of coconut oil and that is good. 

Coconut oil has three essential ingredients – fatty acids and a low molecular weight which gives good penetration. It is also loaded with antimicrobial properties making it an excellent moisturizer for the entire face and body. 

Best to apply pre-bath and leave for 10 minutes. To get the most out of it, take a quarter-sized amount into your palms and gently rub it into your face or use coconut oil-soaked cotton pads. 

Coconut oil can be a natural makeup remover.

4. Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice

Most beauty products use cucumber to help remove makeup. So instead of heading to the store, take one cucumber and blend it into a paste. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties, so they will help to soothe irritated skin or acne-prone skin.

You need not look beyond your refrigerator. Use a blender to mash cucumber until it has become pasty, add a little of your carrier oil of choice and it is ready to use as a cleanser. You will just love how well the mixture soothes the skin while taking off your makeup.

5. Steam


Yes, you are reading it right. Steaming is a great natural way to remove makeup. Try filling your sink with steaming hot water (not boiling) and leaning over it for a few minutes. It helps to get the last traces of makeup off your face. 

Steam is the secret skincare weapon of many models too. It unclogs your skin pores and removes all the dirt and impurities.

These natural makeup removal remedies are budget-friendly, simple, and super hydrating. Always remember, the more we take care of our skin, the more it is going to glow.

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