Skincare 101 to Keep you Covered this Winter


With our days getting shorter and evenings getting longer, the arrival of winters has embarked upon us in swift movements. The season of picnics, getaways, and long drives with the lighting of bonfires and guitar strums at night with a glass of rum in our hands has already begun to show up. The blankets, shawls, and woolens have been dragged out of the cupboards to be kept in the sun, while our naan and daadis have lovingly asked us to sit for some time in the sun as a measure of healthy, glowing skin

For centuries, DIY recipes like raw milk, turmeric, honey, and seasonal tropical fruits have been used to add a boost of hydration and glow in the drying winter weather. Our television screens have been filled with popular advertisements of cold creams, lotions, and balms while the boxes of almonds and dry fruits are taken out to combat dry skin, flakiness, and a host of other skin issues. Today we list down some of the “Holy Grail” winter products that will keep your skin smooth, supple, and moisturized in this extremely dry weather. Let’s get started. 

1. Use DIY Recipes

Use DIY recipesSpices and fruits are available in abundance especially during the winter season and what better way than to incorporate them into your everyday diet and skincare routine! Bollywood superstar “Janhvi Kappor” incorporates whatever fruit is leftover in her bowl into her face pack. This is an extremely useful way to go the DIY route and add a hint of freshness to boost your skin. Ingredients like almond oil, turmeric, saffron, and orange peels are easily available in our kitchens which also makes it another useful way to cut down on the sourcing of products. What are some of your favorite family DIY recipes? 

2. Choose “Non-Comedogenic” Creams 

Choose “Non-Comedogenic” Creams 

I am sure the popular jingle of the Ponds commercial “Googly Woogly Woosh” still rings in our ears as soon as winter arrives. Moisturizing creams, lotions, and serums make up a huge part of our skincare routine in winters and this in turn often leads to acne, breakouts, clogged pores, and blackheads. To prevent this, look for “non-comedogenic” creams. These will not make your skin break out or clog your pores. It is also a safe option for people with an oily/sensitive skin type.

3. Don’t Forget to Exfoliate 

Don’t forget to exfoliate

We often forget a key factor in our skincare routine in winters -“Exfoliation.” This step is extremely important as we tend to pile on a ton of heavy oil-based products to combat the dryness in our skin. This in turn can lead to irritation with whiteheads and pimples under the skin. Pimples under the skin which haven’t yet formed a head can further leave scars and redness on the skin. A gentle exfoliator can help combat all of these issues with ease. Don’t go for a harsher exfoliating scrub like apricot, as they can leave little microscopic tears in the face. Opt for gentle DIY ones like coffee grounds and oatmeal.

 4. Don’t forget your Hands and Feet 

Don’t forget your hands and feet

In the rush of completing that perfect “7 step Korean skincare routine,” don’t forget to moisturize and pamper your hands and feet. In the harsh winter weather, the soles of our feet and hands are more susceptible to peeling off and drying out. Always keep a mini hand cream in your purse to apply on the go! For your feet, make sure to wash them gently with warm water and apply an ointment for cracked heels before going to bed. Wearing a pair of cotton socks to bed will also prevent your feet from drying out.

5. Keep your Showers Short 

Keep your Showers Short 

Although it is very tempting to reach out for a nice long warm water shower, it is extremely harmful to our skin, especially in winters. It can strip away all the necessary natural oils from our body which in turn can leave our skin feeling really dry, red, and irritated. A short lukewarm bath is good enough to keep the skin healthy and smooth. 

We hope these little tips, tricks, and hacks will help you to combat any sort of skincare issue that you face in the upcoming winter season! 


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