Simple Mehndi Designs For Sawan 2024


Sawan, the pure month of celebrating Lord Shiva, also welcomes the festival of Teej. And both call for attractive yet simple mehndi designs. Married women often do sixteen forms of makeup, aka soleh shringar, to participate in festive customs. But mehndi comes as a common way of celebrating Sawan.

So we have gathered some easy and simple mehndi designs that you can apply at your home for Sawan 2023.

4. Mehndi Designs For Sawan

1. Mandala Simple

Mandala Simple Sawan Mehndi Design


Mandala is an evergreen mehndi design that goes with all occasions. Its minimalism speaks a thousand emotions.

2. Net Easy

Net Easy Sawan Mehndi Design

Credit- Tikli

Net, a stylish mehndi design, is a treat to the eyes! The pattern looks so hypnotic that one can’t help but stare. And it wouldn’t even disturb your daily chores.

3. Bracelet Sawan Mehndi Design

Bracelet Sawan Mehndi Design

Credit- Styles At Life

Bracelets look extremely pretty on our wrists, and a similar Mehndi design would look even better! This has to be Zoylee’s favorite Sawan Mehndi design.

4. Flower Bail Sawan Simple Mehndi Design

Flower Bail Sawan Simple Mehndi Design

Credit- K4 Fashion

What is the easiest way to achieve beautiful mehndi? Just apply a simple flower bail and you’re good to go! It is a Sawan special mehndi design but also the perfect fit for every function.