19 Short Hairstyles For Men With Beards in 2024


A short hairstyles for men with beards never go out of fashion. Instead, this style continues to be among the trendiest ever men’s looks. Classic haircuts with unique beard styles mold men’s personalities, and their well-groomed persona has a better chance of catching everyone’s eyes in the room. If you want to change your traditional look, we can help you with some trending short hair with classy beard styles, which are also the epitome of virility.   

Short hairstyles for men with beards trims are one of the most prominent features on your face representing your lifestyle and personality as much as they affect your physical appearance. So, we’re here with a haul of options so you can choose the best for yourself. 

Zoylee brings you its selection of short hairstyles for men with beards in 2024 and for gentlemen with a penchant for facial hair.

1. The Short Quiff Hairstyle + Stubble

The Short Quiff + Stubble

The short quiff hairstyle is one of the most sought-after haircuts popularly known due to David Beckham. The ultimate way to rock this look is with stubble, and you’re all set to stand out.

Try this style with your sharp tuxedo and oxfords (not brogues) or perhaps your #07 jersey.

2. Buzz Cut With Beard

buzz cut with beard

A buzz cut, also known as a Crew cut, has shorter and faded sides. The uniqueness of this style lies in front fringes that can transform anyone completely. It is highly recommended to go for a buzz cut if you have a prominent jawline. 

You can try this haircut with a tuxedo, just like Justin Timberlake, or maybe a different form of formal wear to pull off the show.

3. Shaved Head With Beard

shaved head with beard

A shaved head adds a tough and classy edge to the entire look without having to put effort into fashion. The aftercare demands almost nothing, and its finishing gives a perfect rugged look. 

A tuxedo or even casual wear with a little beard can help elevate your look in every event.

4. Waves Haircut With Beard

waves haircut with beard

Waves haircut has a fanbase in African American men, who like to keep their hair in a rippled pattern. These short hairstyles for men with beards have on the top with waves at equal intervals. A perfectly shaped beard goes too well with the look. 

5. French Crop Haircut With Beard

french crop haircut with beard

6. Textured Crop Haircut With Beard

textured crop haircut with beard

Textured crop haircut is easy to nail for all the gentlemen out there. The hair on the back and side of your head is faded, with fringe hair in the middle. The fringes can either be short or long as you require. 

All the men with textured crop hairstyles often prefer to keep a subtly shaped beard with attires like casual or formal. 

7. Short Messy Haircut With Beard

Short messy haircut with beard

A short messy haircut is popular among men who choose to look messy yet presentable. It is very well put together, and men with every hair type thick, curly, or wavy hair can go for short messy haircuts. 

A messy yet subtle beard is often preferred to pull off the look. 

8. Short Spiky Haircut With Beard

Short spiky haircut with beard

The hair spikes are getting popular again with the new generations. All men in favor of short yet stylish hair opt for this timeless short spiky haircut. Just one coat of gel, and it’s all set for the entire day!  

9. Short Quiff Haircut With Beard

short quiff haircut with beard

The short quiff haircut is one of the most sought-after haircuts popularly known due to David Beckham. The ultimate way to rock this look is with stubble, and you’re all set to stand out. 

Try this style with your sharp tuxedo and oxfords (not brogues) or perhaps your #07 jersey.

10. Low Fade Haircut With Beard

low fade haircut with beard

The low Fade haircut is a classic yet trendy hairstyle for men that features tapering down the side hair towards the lower section of the head. The versatility of the hairstyle speaks a thousand words as you can style it with other hairstyles like a faux hawk. Low fade haircut helps you keep long hair in the front with perfect fades at the sides.

The low fade, also known as drop fade, looks presentable with every attire if complemented by stubble.

11. Crew Cut With Beard

crew cut with beard

A crew cut is a short hairstyle with narrowed hair at the sides of your head and bristled or shortly trimmed hair at the top. The length of hair in the front is longer than the hair at the back of the head. 

A finely shaped beard and casual or formal attires complement the entire look.

12. Crop Fade With Beard

Crop fade with beard

A crop fade haircut is a short haircut with a perfectly finished fade on the back and sides with a crop top of either shorter or longer fringes that might or might not fall on the forehead. 

A finely styled beard completes the look with a crop fade haircut.

13. Pompadour With Beard

Pompadour with beard

Another old-school classic, this style has seen a resurgence in recent times. If you struggle with an absence of a fenced facial structure, try this look to add striking definitions to your face.

Since the look adds volume, stubble would go a long way with it.

14. Quiff Hairstyle With Beard

quiff hairstyle with beard

A quiff haircut for men is a classy haircut to try out this season. This haircut has shorter sides and a longer front. The hair at the back of your head generally remains extremely short. The quiff hairstyle is similar to pompadour and looks best with a subtle beard.

15. Crew Cut With Beard

crew cut with beard

The crew cut has been the go-to style for men from every generation, and 2021 is bringing this trend back. It is suited for all face cuts and body structures and is one of the easiest to manage.

While you sit at home wary of the pandemic and wondering if you could give yourself one of these, we recommend Book haircut salon at home for men at our sanitized and fully hygienic partner salons and pampering yourself.

16. Faux Hawk With Beard

faux hawk with beard


The Faux Hawk haircut is one easily re-creatable hairstyle that goes too well with subtle traces of beard. The hairstyle has shorter sides, and the hair in the middle is longer that goes back to the head from the front. With Faux Hawk, you can easily switch between professional and street-style looks as the situation requires. 

The very famous Taylor Lautner is an existing king of Faux Hawk with a beard who happens to nail it with every attire.

17. Mohawk Fade With Beard

mohawk fade with beard

The Mohawk hairstyle is a traditional hairstyle that involves a classic mohawk-shaped strip of hair in the middle that extends to the nape area. This edgy cut looks the best with a routine trim and good hair products. 

The existence of the Mohawks is from the classic punk era. Anything from a paired-up suit to loose and casual fits can elevate the look.

18. Skin Fade With Beard

Skin Fade

A look to experiment with and still keep it subtle.

The hairstyle is versatile, with numerous variations according to your facial structure.

Pair it with a cut line to bring out an edgy look.

If accessories are your jam, especially for someone with an ear-piercing, this look is definitely for you.

Note: Styling efforts are on the higher end for this look

19. Slicked Back with Beard

Slicked Back with beard

Men with elongated facial structures need to avoid adding length to their faces, and this look is a blessing. It’s a timeless men’s hairstyle throughout history.

The chic and bold look brings out the best in your apparel and accessory choices.


Men always prefer easygoing trendy hairstyles with uncompromised beard grooming. This season is the best to try out some trendiest short hairstyles for men with beards that will enhance your look. The above-mentioned haircuts are some of the most followed ones, and we strongly recommend you try one! 

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