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Health crisis, economic collapse, over-demanding jobs, and negative media; are just a few everyday stressors that we face in our routine life. It’s reported that 74% of India’s population suffers from a stressful life, and it’s about time that we challenge these statistics. We all deserve a carefree mind, light heart, and happy moments, after all.

Leave your worries out of this space because we have the Sanskriti Spa and Wellness centre for y’all with some really great variety of services. Amongst all the negativity that has crept its way upon us due to COVID19, Sanskriti Spa and Wellness will surely help you get that vital space of your own where you could relieve the soreness that your muscles went through while working from home. So now you can break off from the negative bubble you’ve been caged in.

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Sanskriti Spa and Wellness

About Sanskriti Spa and Wellness

The foundations of this luxurious and eminent spa were laid in the year 2016 in Noida, Sector 18, to provide the best wellness and spa facilities in the town.

To embody their envision of providing the best service in the town- their services are broadly categorized as body therapies and treatments, facial treatments, natural packs and scrubs, nature’s intended, express healing and a special event-party-wedding spa.

Their establishment has been settled at a traffic-free and stress-free area with a soothing and revitalizing view.

It is not very far from the bustle, it still is extremely well connected to the city’s routes, so you actually won’t find it challenging to find your way here. We suggest you use the Zoylee app to navigate through the streets and discover more about the spa services rite Spa and Wellness

Sanskriti Spa and Wellness provides you with various massages and various other facilities. This retreat is not just for females but also for our male customers.

With no compromise in the use of the best products and properly sanitized tools and equipment, they take care of all the norms to make sure they reach up to all your expectations while maintaining the safety of your health.

An excellent relaxing session should not cost you fortunes, which is why the services at Sanskriti spa and wellness are relatively economical with exciting discounts to offer. The spa staff is well skilled and has been doing a great job providing the best services and support to the customers.

You might want to browse through the official website or the Zoylee app to confirm information regarding the covid19 norms and protocol followed by Sanskriti spa and wellness.

Price and packages

Swedish Massage 60m 15% Rs.850
Deep Tissue Massage 60m 10% Rs.1080
Turkish massage 60m Rs.1500
Scrub (Full Body) 60m 5% Rs.950
Aromatherapy 60m 15% Rs.850

You can actually visit the Zoylee app for further clarity over the prices and packages and get to contact the members to set an appointment in your best interest.

Sanskriti Spa


  • Refreshments

Now, it’s a no brainer that a good spa session is legitimately incomplete without good refreshments. While you get yourself a relaxing massage, its benefits will be added in multi-folds with a good beverage that energizes you from within.

  • Parking

At Sanskriti spa and wellness, availing good spacious parking for the customers has to be a top priority. Knowing the fact that the area remains flooded with people during the day-time and working hours daily, they’ve thoughtfully provided an excellently managed parking space.

  • Payment

Here at Sanskriti Spa and Wellness, they make it very easy by accepting deposits via all kinds of payment modes, i.e.:

  • Cash

Making the payment and budgeting easier for you.

  • Credit/ Debit cards

Maintaining all the safety measures and making it a much handy process.

  • Cheques

Minimizing your hassle and making the payment easy and secure.

  • UPI methods

Easy transaction maintaining the Covid19 social norms.

To get a better idea of how the payments are made, you can take insights from the Zoylee app.

  • Air Conditioned

You will never find a well-established Spa without a good air conditioning facility. The Air conditioning and filtering supply have been made available to ensure that you have a consistent and excellent spa experience.

  • WiFi-enabled

We obviously do not suggest you stop your world while you wait for your turns. The fast Wi-fi services make sure that you stay committed to your job and connected to the world around you, without having to stop unnecessarily for a couple of hours.

What people think about us

Sanskriti Spa and Wellness have held a pretty good reputation when it comes to commitment and services towards the customers. With their speciality in Aromatherapy and exceptional massages, they’ve earned more resounding support from their customers.

You can, in fact, get a better perception of the Sanskriti spa and wellness and many more through the review section on our website or the Zoylee app.

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Sanskriti Spa and Wellness

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