Rare Beauty In India- By Selena Gomez


Baby, Calm Down! But How? When we know that Selena Gomez launched her brand “Rare Beauty” in India on 15th June 2023. Yes, you read it right!

Let’s get a sneak peek into Selena’s motive behind Rare Beauty before passing on the details.

Selena Gomez is a Hollywood singer, actor, producer, and mega pop star with a crazy international fan following. After investing for almost two years, she finally launched her own makeup brand in 2019. It goes by the name Rare Beauty, which embraces all kinds of beauty. Her intention behind Rare Beauty was to support mental health and wellness, which stands true to date.

Selena Gomez launched her brand

Credit- ELLE

The Rare Beauty in India launch news spread like a forest fire when Rare Beauty’s official Instagram account announced it publically saying, “India! We’re coming soooo soon.”

Rare Beauty India Rare Beauty India

Rare Beauty is to promote mental wellness, so it is extremely critical of stigmatized concepts related to mental health deterioration. It is a mass celebration of unique beauty, a Rare Beauty. It follows an approach to highlighting your uniqueness with the help of makeup that makes you feel good about yourselves. The most attractive point about the brand is that it is cruelty-free and all-vegan.

Rare Beauty in India

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Rare Beauty India is exclusively available at Sephora in-store and online. This continuous globalization of the brand made Selena’s fans really happy and proud. Selena Gomez hopes to grow her brand PAN-India via Sephora stores.