The Patrick Mahomes Haircut: From College Bet to Iconic Fade


Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs’ superstar quarterback, isn’t just known for his incredible throws and game-winning plays. He’s also known for his signature hairstyle: the Mahomes Mohawk Fade. This unique cut has become as much a part of his identity as his arm strength.

The Story Behind the Fade Haircut

Friendly competition sparked the Mahome’s fade. Back in his college days at Texas Tech, Mahomes made a wager with a friend to see who could grow their hair the longest. Let’s just say Mahomes emerged victorious. He took a liking to the long locks and the tapered fade on the sides, and a trend was born.

The “Show Me” Cut

Fans at Texas Tech loved Mahomes’ new look, and it quickly became his signature style. The fade complemented his curly hair texture, creating a voluminous mohawk that stood out both on and off the field. Some have even nicknamed it the “Show Me Cut,” a play on Mahomes’ nickname, “Show Me Mahomes.”

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Best 5 Patrick Mahomes Haircuts to Inspire Your Next Barber Visit

1. Patrick Mahomes College Best Fade (2014-2017)

patrick mahomes college best fade haircut

The OG Mahomes cut reigns supreme as the College’s best fade. Long, curly hair flows on top, contrasting a clean fade on the sides. This classic style is effortlessly cool.

2. Patrick Mahomes Defined Fade (2018-2020)

Patrick Mahomes Defined Fade haircut

As Mahomes’ career progressed, so did his fade. This cut has shorter sides and a sharper fade for a more controlled look.

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3. Patrick Mahomes Subtle Line Fade (2021) Hairstyle

Patrick Mahomes Subtle Line Fade

This cut adds a touch of personality with a thin line design etched into the faded sides.

4. Patrick Mahomes Textured Fade (2022)

Bleached Fade

Loose curls add texture to the top hair, complementing the faded sides.

5. Patrick Mahomes Bleached Fade (2024)

Patrick Mahomes Bleached Fade

A recent addition to Mahomes’ hairstyle arsenal! This cut features bleached tips that add a touch of boldness to the classic fade.


Patrick Mahomes’ ever-evolving fade journey is an inspiration to embrace individuality and express yourself through your hairstyle. Whether you prefer a classic fade or something more adventurous, there’s a Mahomes-inspired cut out there for you. So next time you’re at the barber’s shop, don’t be afraid to show them this list and ask for your own piece of Mahome magic!

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How to Get the Mahomes Fade

If you’re looking to channel your inner Mahomes, here’s a breakdown of his signature haircut:

Base Cut: The top of Mahomes’ hair is left long enough to style into a mohawk. This length will vary depending on your hair texture and desired volume.

The Fade: The sides are buzzed short with a fading effect that blends seamlessly from longer hair on top to a clean shave at the bottom. A barber can use different clipper guards to achieve the perfect gradient.


What is Patrick Mahomes haircut called

A signature element of Patrick Mahomes’ look is his mohawk fade haircut. This unique combination of a long top styled into a mohawk and faded sides has transcended generations, inspiring boys and men of all ages to emulate his bold style.