What Is Olaplex Hair Treatment? Why Is Everyone Talking About It?


Are you fond of hair perming or maybe funky hair colors? If your answer is yes, that must mean you’re an adventurous person highly active in hair damaging experiments. For someone like you, Olaplex should not be an alien word, rather a treatment echoing in your regular salon visits. In case you’re new to this, Zoylee is here to broadcast about it.

Olaplex is an elixir and every salon artist swear by it as it lives upto its incredible assertions. One can easily go from natural frizz to desired textures without damaging their hair.

Now without further ado, let’s unfold olaplex hair treatment from scratch!

What Is Olaplex Hair Treatment?

what is olaplex

Credit- Love Curly Hair

Olaplex treatment is about restoring dull and damaged hair with just three steps, usually performed in salons. Nowadays, people engage in chemical-based treatments such as bleaching, that destroy the health of their hair. Olaplex works by treating and repairing hair’s broken bonds due to exposure to chemicals.

Lately, from celebrities to influencers, everyone has found the best hair-taming product. Be it a red-carpet event or an award show, Olaplex has become a must-have.

Now that Olaplex has gained your trust partially, let’s head to earning more points for it. Followed by a few of Zoylee’s salon experts’ advice, we present the science behind Olaplex and its procedure!

Science Behind Olaplex Hair Treatment

science Behind Olaplex Hair Treatment

Credit- SINIMA Salon

You all must be thinking what is Olaplex hair treatment! Well, it’s a hair protecting treatment which acts upon hair’s damaged and dead portions by restoring them. This restoring compound in Olaplex treatment is known as bis-aminopropyl-diglycol-dimaleate. What a tongue twister, oof! It reactivates damaged hair bonds and sets them to a softer and frizz-free level.

The hype Olaplex has created isn’t just limited to this, but also its ability to prevent severe damage from bleaching products. As discussed before, Olaplex hair treatment is a three-step procedure, out of which, two steps are performed in salons, and the remaining one is usually done at home.

NOTE- Olaplex treatment is friendly with all hair types. From brittle to bushy, Olaplex fixes it like there was nothing to begin with.

Other hair treatments do work and replenish your hair, but Olaplex repairs your hair bonds from within while also color-protecting the hairshafts. One can take it while getting their hair colored, or it can also be done retrospectively.

Understanding Olaplex Treatment Step-By-Step

Olaplex treatment isn’t into discrimination, as it equally benefits all types of hair; colored, non-colored, bleached, and more. And so, three distinct yet universally adaptable steps have been formulated ever since Olaplex came into being; No.1 – Bond Multiplier, No.2 – Bond Perfector, No.3 – Hair Perfector.

1. The Bond Multiplier

the bond multiplier

Credit- Luscious Loques

We get our hair colored to keep up with beauty trends, but at what cost? Coloring and hair bleaching products can damage our hair to its core while making it brittle. So, Olaplex No.1 is added directly to hair lightening, coloring products, or other chemical services, as it protects our hair from getting damaged.

Just how the name goes, it actually multiplies healthy hair bonds.

Not necessarily it has to be used with coloring services, as the product can be applied independently too.

2. The Bond Perfector

the bond perfector

Credit- Sorella Hair Salon

Bond Perfector is a cream-based formula that makes its application convenient. Once you’re done with your hair coloring procedure, the No.2 is applied. It restores the strength by joining the disulphide hair, making it stronger. The No.2 Bond Perfector structures the hair and make it look perfect.

3. The Hair Perfector

the hair perfector

Credit- Bodycraft Shop

This is the final step to the Olaplex treatment, where No.3 is given to us, and we can apply it at our respective homes. The Hair Perfector is parcel-to-home product so that we’re able to maintain the effect of Olaplex hair treatment.

The best way to apply No.3 is pre-shampoo. Also, ensure your hair free of other products. And lastly you can wash your hair with your regular shampoos.

Olaplex Treatment Benefits

Olaplex hair treatment comes with a truck loads of benefits. Let’s go through some one by one.

A. Reverse Damage Due To Exposure To Sun

Reverse Damage Due To Exposure To Sun

Credit- IdHAIR

We spend most of our time outside, in direct contact with the harmful UV rays of the sun. This impacts our skin as well as hair negatively. Just how a sunscreen is a shield to our skin, Olaples is a shield to our hair. It reverses the damage caused due to excess sun exposure.

B. Strengthens Hairshafts

Strengthens Hairshafts

Credit- Naturally Curly

Our hair has disulphide bonds and every heating experiment we do with our hair can break or damage these bonds. Olaplex is a potent health-restoration product, which makes your hair less prone to damage. It links the broken bonds from within.

C. Prevents Color Damage

Prevents Color Damage

Credit- Pexels

Do you get regular hair color? But you’re also worried about the damage it brings? Then you’ve come to the correct solution. Olaplex hair treatment prevents and protects us from color damage.

D. Reduces Hair Frizziness

Reduces Hair Frizziness

Credit- Vedix

When one is constantly in contact with chemical hair treatments, they’re bound to severe breakage. It further results in frizzy hair. But it can be controlled with Olaplex hair treatment.

E. Provides Healthier, Smoother, And Shinier Hair

Provides Healthier, Smoother, And Shinier Hair

Credit- Ethan Thomas Collection

Once you take an Olapex hair treatment, you’ll see how smooth and shiny your hair has become. A magical hair transformation awaits you!

Olaplex treatment price varies from the type of hair to the length. Usually, it ranges from INR 3,000 to INR 10,000. It is not a regular hair spa, so it can be quite expensive. However, the treatment is actually worth it. So, one can consider investing in it.

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Who needs Olaplex treatment?

Olaplex has health restoring tendencies and is usually good for people who go for regular hair coloring. While it is necessary for people who take chemical treatments, it doesn’t mean people with natural hair can’t take it. Olaplex is for everybody.

What are the side effects of Olaplex treatment?

Everything has two sides to it, so does Olaplex treatment. Some women have reported a few side effects of Olaplex treatment like burning pores, yeast infections, open pores, and severe itching on the scalp. Some reports even have it that Olaplex hair treatment consists chemicals like lilial and penthenol, which can cause skin issues like flaking, inflammation, and scaling.

How much does Olaplex treatment cost in India?

Olaplex treatment price varies from person to person, as it directly dependens on factors like type, length, and quality of hair. The salon you’re getting it from is a huge factor too. But, on an average, it ranges from INR 3,000 to INR 10,000.

Does Olaplex treatment really work?

YES! Olaplex treatment does work by strengthening your hair bonds from within. However, it does not make your hair thicker or dense, but prevents further damage and brittleness. The essential process involved is the realignment of sulphide bonds, which break due to chemical exposures.

What is the benefit of using Olaplex?

There are several benefits of using Olaplex treatment like protecting from color damage, reversing the damage of harmful UV rays, reducing frizz, smoothening, and repairing damaged hair bonds.

Is Olaplex good or bad for hair?

Olaplex is extremely good for hair. It has been tried and tested by many hair professionals, and that’s how they’re able to claim that Olaplex is safe and doesn’t cause any breakage or hair loss.

Does Olaplex reduce Hairfall?

Olaplex itself has strongly denied all allegations claiming severe breakage or hair loss. Every product is safe and hair-friendly and can be applied on every hair type.

How long does Olaplex treatment last?

The duartion of Olaplex’s stay is directly dependent on the hair combination one has. Extremely damaged hair maintains Olaplex for about 2 weeks, moderately damaged- 4 weeks, and slightly damaged hair – 6 weeks.