Modern Trendy Hairstyles for Saree: Slay Every Look with Confidence


Sarees are a timeless symbol of elegance, but finding the right hairstyle for a saree to match can feel tricky. Gone are the days of just traditional buns! Today, we explore a range of modern trendy hairstyles for saree that are both stylish and easy to manage.

Consider your face shape when choosing a hairstyle. Rounder faces benefit from styles that add height, while longer faces can rock styles with more volume on the sides. Don’t forget to add a final touch with hair accessories like statement earrings, headbands, or fresh flowers.

3 Types of Hairstyles for Saree

1. Party Bun Hairstyle for Saree

For a grander look, add extensions or incorporate fresh flowers or statement hair accessories into your bun hairstyles for a wedding.

1. The Classic Bun

classic bun hairstyles the classic bun hairstyles

Credit: Pinterest

This is a timeless and elegant style that is always in fashion. To create this look, simply gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Twist the ponytail around itself and pin it into place at the crown of your head. You can add volume to this style by teasing your hair before creating the bun. 

2. Messy Bun

Messy Bun Messy Bun

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Embrace the effortless charm of a messy bun to achieve a relaxed yet elegant look that beautifully complements the drapes of a saree.

3. Braided Bun

Braided Bun Braided Bun hairstyle Braided Bun hairstyles Braided Bun

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Combine the elegance of a bun with the intricacy of braids by styling your hair into a braided bun, perfect for showcasing the details of your saree blouse.

2. Front Hairstyle for Saree

Style your front hair with loose curls, sleek waves, or even a chic bouffant for extra volume.

1. Classic Waved Side-Swept

Braided Bun hairstyles Braided Bun

Credit: Pinterest

This timeless style creates a soft and elegant frame for your face. Simply create loose waves in your hair and sweep them gently to one side. Secure with bobby pins for a polished look.

2. Elegant Braided Updo

Elegant Braided Updo hairstyles Elegant Braided Updo hairstyles

Credit: Pinterest

Elevate your saree look with a braided updo. Create a French braid or fishtail braid starting near your temple and work it back towards your crown. Secure the braid with bobby pins and loosen a few strands at the front for a touch of softness.

3. Romantic Floral Hairstyle

Romantic Floral Hairstyle Romantic Floral

Credit: Pinterest

Add a touch of whimsy with a simple floral hairstyle. Weave fresh flowers or small floral hair accessories into loose waves or a braided headband, creating a romantic and feminine look.

4. Chic Center Part with Bouffant

Chic Center Part with Bouffant Chic Center Part with hairstyle Chic Center Part with Bouffant

Credit: Pinterest

Channel vintage vibes with a chic center part and a bouffant. Tease the hair at the crown for volume and create a sleek center part. Leave the rest of your hair straight or add soft waves for a touch of texture.

5. Gatsby-Inspired Finger Waves

Gatsby-Inspired Finger Waves Gatsby-Inspired Finger Waves  hairstyles

Credit: Pinterest

Embrace the glamour of the roaring twenties with Gatsby-inspired finger waves. Use styling gel and bobby pins to create defined waves framing the forehead. This hairstyle pairs particularly well with art deco or embellished sarees.

3. Simple Open Hairstyle for Saree

Straight, sleek hair with a center parting or side sweep is a timeless option. You can also add subtle highlights or lowlights for extra dimension.

1. Waterfall Braid with Volume

Waterfall Braid with Volume  hairstyles Waterfall Braid with Volume hair Waterfall Braid with Volume

Credit: Pinterest

Add a touch of detail without too much effort with a waterfall braid. Start braiding a small section near your temple and incorporate strands from the top section into the braid as you go down, letting them cascade down like a waterfall. Repeat on the other side for a symmetrical look.

2. Sleek Ponytail with a Twist

Sleek Ponytail with saree

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Give the classic ponytail a sophisticated upgrade. Pull your hair back into a high or mid-ponytail. Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie to conceal it. Secure the wrap with a bobby pin and add a finishing touch with hairspray for a polished look.

3. Half-Up Half-Down with Flowers

Half-Up Half-Down with Flowers hairstyles Half-Up Half-Down with Flowers

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This versatile style is perfect for any occasion. Gather the top half of your hair back in a loose ponytail or twist, leaving the bottom half flowing freely. Secure the half-up section with a bobby pin or hair clip adorned with flowers for a touch of elegance.


With these top hairstyles for a saree, you can effortlessly enhance your saree ensemble and exude grace and sophistication on any occasion. Experiment with different styles to find the perfect hairstyle that complements your style and enhances the beauty of your saree.