Makeup Under the Covid-19 Mask

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Covid 19 is the harsh reality that has gripped all of our lives and in return has changed the entire concept of hair and beauty. From transparent masks to the faux face printed ones, we have all seen a huge surge in this quirky yet “necessary” product of our lives. When it comes to hair, makeup and beauty, we have all been used to doing it a certain way over the years. However, since the beginning of this deadly pandemic, we have been forced to innovate, adapt and ace a few new tricks to make the “process of makeup” under the mask a lot easier. Problems like the foundation fading, lipsticks transferring and patchy blush streaks have increased rapidly. While cloth masks absorb products more easily, the surgical ones are often used to double up and layer for extra protection while causing an acute problem of acne and breakouts. 

From opting for techniques like a waterproof base, sweatproof foundation, matte long-lasting lipsticks to looking for properties of hydration and nourishment; the entire concept of makeup has changed and how! Since masks are already a basic necessity in our lives in these testing times, we hereby list down some quick, new hacks which will come in handy the next time you try to slip on a covid-19 mask-proof makeup look. 

1. Ace that Base 

Ice that base

One of the most important aspects of long-lasting makeup under the mask is to ace that base. Always opt for a full coverage, silicon-based foundation to minimize as much soaking of the product by the mask. This will lead to better coverage even if the mask starts absorbing some of the makeup. Make sure to lock in the base with loose/translucent powder to prevent any streaks, patches, and blotches.

Take a pea-sized amount on a foundation brush and apply it in strobing motions. After the foundation is applied smoothly, blend it further with a damp beauty blender to give it an airbrushed finish. A pro-tip for the beginners in makeup – if you ever run out of loose/translucent powder, opt for some baby powder. The finish, stay and longevity are almost similar to a translucent powder and will lock in the product with ease under your mask.

2. Enhance Your Eyes   

 Enhance your eyes

The only visible facial feature after wearing the mask is your eyes. Take advantage of the situation and accentuate them to the fullest. To start off, moisturize and prep your eyelids for concealer application. After lightly blending in the product, apply a loose coat of powder to set it in. Draw little short strokes over the eyelid with pencil kohl. These need not be perfect as the next step is to blend them evenly with your fingers. Choose a powder eyeshadow of the same shade and blend it over with a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush. This additional step will make sure that the product stays in place all day long and doesn’t budge. Add kohl or eyeliner of your choice and finish it off with your favorite coat of mascara. Don’t forget to blend the eyeshadow on the lower lash-line as well. If opting for wing eyeliner, make sure to apply kohl and tight line the upper eyelid as well. 

3. Paint Your Pout with a Budge Free, Matte Lipstick 

Paint Your Pout with a Budge Free, Matte Lipstick

One of the major problems that we all face with makeup application under the mask is with our lipsticks. The staining of products with lipsticks getting messy is not an uncommon phenomenon anymore. However, there are some simple hacks, tips, and tricks to eliminate this not-so-flattering smudge effect. For quick fixes on the go, a basic baby/translucent powder dabbed over a cream lipstick will do the job in minutes. However, if the powder irritates, cracks or dries out the texture of your lips then consider switching to a store-bought long-lasting matte finish formulation. These will stick and not budge for hours even when you are on an eating and drinking spree. For a more enhanced look, try outlining your lips with a matte lip liner/pencil.

4. Makeup Setting Spray to the Rescue 

Makeup setting spray to the rescue

Setting spray is your “Holy Grail” product when it comes to makeup application under the mask. This little bottle of a miracle will make sure that your makeup stays in place for the whole day, without any budges, patches or stains.  From matte, illuminating, and glowing to tinted, sparkly, and lightweight a little spritz of this product on your entire face can be the ultimate way to save your makeup. For beginners, this product can seem a little overwhelming, but if required it can be blended into the skin with a damp beauty sponge for an airbrushed finish. 

5. Keep Your Good Old Tissues Handy  

Keep your good old tissues handy

In times of crisis, when you can’t think of ways to save your melting makeup, a simple blotting tissue will act as your ultimate savior. Take your mask off and dab over the oily areas lightly with a tissue to absorb the excess grease. You can also fold the tissue in half and hold it over with your fingers lightly, in order to make the makeup stay in place. This simple yet effective hack is light on your pockets and can be done whenever you are in a rush or in an emergency. 

In conclusion, makeup is extremely diverse and can be done in a number of ways to suit your budget, preferences, and skin type. In order to make it long-lasting under the covid-19 mask, these quick, simple, and effective tips are bound to help you in making them sweat and budge-proof

Go get your “makeup with the mask on fleek” ladies!