7 Makeup Tips For Your Evening Date


The first impression is the last, is what everyone says…and thus it is imperative to reflect your real personality in your attire and your makeup especially when you never know that the one you are going to meet could turn out to be ‘the one’. A date requires you to nail your attire, your personality, and your makeup look all at the same time, and I know how tough a task it could be.

So to help you look your best on these nerve-racking evening dates, we have got the right makeup tips just for you…

Tip 1: Rub Ice On Your Face

Rub ice on your face

Take an ice cube and rub it over your face. This will help you to reduce puffiness from your eyes and face and also helps in diminishing the face’s redness. It also hydrates the skin immediately and gives it a pump effect. Rubbing an ice cube could also help you to settle down your makeup efficiently on your face.

Tip 2: Make Your Lips Hydrated


Chapped lips don’t make a good impression on your dates, so to remove the dryness and the dry skin from your lips, gently rub your toothbrush on your lips in a motion that dusts off the dry skin from the lips. This will help you to create a supple effect on your lips and will help to cure dryness.

Tip 3: Avoid A Heavy Foundation


It’s always great to go with an ‘I wake up like this look on an evening date. The effortless the makeup is the more you could enjoy the date freely. For an easy-going makeup look try to avoid a heavy base foundation, and instead use a BB cream or a concealer for any dark spots or under-eye darkness. This will give you a fresh and light makeup look.

Tip 4: Blush Is A Must


A light pink tint on cheeks can never go wrong. Pinch your cheeks to see the right color of your blush and then give a firm sweep of that color on your cheekbones. This color on your cheeks would add a subtle drama to your evening date.

Tip 5: Shine Like A Star


A highlighter would lift up your makeup look and your outfit altogether. A slight push of highlighter at just the right spots could make your date go WOWZA…!! A subtle makeup look always needs a highlighter, don’t worry it won’t be too much, instead, it would make you look glamorous under the setting sun, so take the leap and go for it.

Tip 6: Nail The Nail Game


Make sure that your nails are clean and properly colored if you want to make your nails pop, otherwise a subtle sweep of transparent nail polish would give the impression of vibrant and well-organized nails. Hands could sometimes make or break the deal, so do make sure that your nails look presentable and organized.

Tip 7: Groom Your Brows


Your eyebrows are the most significant part of your face so make sure that you comb them in a well-organized manner and fill the gaps with a good eyebrow pencil. Nicely done eyebrows bring your makeup look together and help you get that extra head turn.

An evening date is an exciting experience and an ‘out of the comfort zone kind of an event. Make sure to apply these tips while getting ready for your special date, and look stunning by bringing your inner confidence into your demeanor.