Makeup Tips For A “No-Makeup” Makeup Look


With the booming popularity of social media, I am sure all of us have achieved at least some level of knowledge when it comes to the world of beauty and makeup. This includes creating various looks with different products. With YouTubers, influencers, makeup artists, and creative individuals uploading new, trending content every day it is almost impossible to keep up with some of the unattainable beauty standards. 

Undoubtedly it burns a major hole in everybody’s pocket as good quality makeup products are a huge investment. A “no makeup” makeup look is one such trend that is here to stay. It not only looks effortless and natural but also enhances an individual’s features beautifully. However, it is no easy task to create a “no makeup” makeup look as it requires a lot of practice and preparation. One might think that all it takes is a little product here and there to create a “no-makeup look” but the reality is far from that. 

This makeup look is basically enhancing upon the fact that “less is more.” This type of makeup look is far away from the traditional “full brows, heavy foundation or highly bronzed face.” A “no-makeup” look focuses the most on an individual’s skin. It is more about the application rather than piling on products mindlessly.

Today let’s take a look at 10 steps to achieving a flawless “no-makeup” makeup look. Let’s get started.   

1. Focus on Skin Preparation 

Skin Preparation

Skin preparation is one of the best ways to begin a “no-makeup” makeup look. The key is to nourish, hydrate, and moisturize the surface as much as possible. The best way to make the skin look luminous and glowing is by adding a little bit of non-sticky oil as well. Always remember to let the products sit on the skin for a few minutes before layering them with another product. 


2. Less is More 

Less is more

The proverb “less is more” is absolutely correct when it comes to a “no makeup” “makeup” look. This technique includes using fewer products and focusing more on the application process. Blend the base nicely with a tapping motion or with a wet beauty blender to make it look more skin-like. 


3. Correct Before Concealing 


One of the key techniques when it comes to achieving a flawless base is to match your foundation to your skin tone and color correct the areas which have pigmentation problems. Applying a light foundation directly on the face will make it look gray and ashy very soon. Always go for a peach, orange or red color corrector before applying the concealer. After color correction do not go overboard with the concealer. Apply a little at a time and set it lightly with a loose powder.


4. Use a Medium Coverage Liquid Foundation

Liquid Foundation

A medium coverage liquid foundation looks much more natural and skin-like as compared to a full coverage foundation. It can be built up on the areas which require a little bit more coverage without making it look absolutely crazy.


5. Use a Cream Brush 

Cream Brush

A cream blush is essentially long-lasting, budge-free and smudge proof. It also blends in beautifully with the skin as compared to a powder blush. It is good quick blending with your fingertips and more than often does not require any tools. A cream blush can be substituted with a cream lipstick or a water-based tint to make it look more natural.


6. Opt for Feather Brows 

Feather brows

As compared to the traditional way of filling in the eyebrows, feather brows are a much softer approach. When it comes to filling in any sparse areas, opt for thin, “hair-like” strokes with an eye-liner pen. Brush it thoroughly with a “brow setting gel” to make it stay in place with a feather-like effect. This will make your face look much softer without the harsh lines of an eyebrow pencil. 


7. Skip the Contour 


We know how most of us love a chiseled and contoured face with sufficient bronzing. However, when it comes to a natural “no-makeup” makeup look it is always advisable to skip the cream contour. If absolutely required, go for a light bronzing powder just along your cheekbones and chin to give it some definition without making it obvious. Always keep it as simple and subtle as possible. 


8. Use a Natural Lip Color 

Nude lip Color

We all love various shades of red, mauve, and brown, but when it comes to a “no-makeup” makeup look, it is always advisable to go for nude and pink tones. This blends in beautifully with the natural lip color without making it too obvious. For that extra oomph factor apply a coat of clear gloss to finish the look.


9. Use a Subtle Highlighter 

Subtle Highlighter

A subtle highlighter is an ultimate option when it comes to adding that touch of subtle glow to your face. It beautifully makes your skin look healthy and glowing as compared to a blinding over the top highlighter. One can also substitute the product with a luminous cream or the good old Vaseline to apply on the high points of the face. 


10. Dewy Finish For No Makeup Look 

Dewy look Setting spray

A dewy finish makeup setting spray is different from matte makeup fixing sprays as it adds a natural shine to the face as well as making the makeup long-lasting. A makeup fixing spray comes in all budget types and can be easily found in retail stores as well. 



In conclusion, a “no makeup” makeup look takes a lot of understanding, practice, and patience to achieve. It is not as simple as it looks and requires a lot of skin prep in advance. A healthy lifestyle with nourished and glowing skin contributes hugely to making this type of makeup look a success.