LifeStream Wellness Spa: Why to Book an appointment with Zoylee


Summers have approached us and now come with a good amount of heat, humidity, and sweat. If only there was a sure-fire way of escaping this time of the month, but sadly we surely can’t outrun the global climatic changes.

It’s an epidemic in India, and we all are stuck at home. Still, even so, according to a Freedonia Group analysis, spa sales are booming amid the COVID-19 epidemic, providing a short-term boost for a global market that is forecast to expand 3.5% annually through 2023.

We bet you want a way out of this muck, sweat, and anxiety that comes along with it. But, do not worry, LifeStream Wellness spa should be your go-to destination when it comes to good summertime skin pampering.

While this epidemic limits our reach to various amenities, a good relaxing and refreshing session at LifeStream wellness and spa to revitalize your own body & mind should not have to wait.

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About LifeStream Wellness Spa

Established in 2019, LifeStream wellness spa is a well-known maestro of Noida sector-18 when it comes to a diverse variety of body massages and spa facilities. In service from 10.30 a.m to 10 p.m, LifeStream wellness spa is a prominent destination to visit, with its excellently trained staff members and good services.

To personify its vision of being the best in the town in terms of its services, they have expertise in – Massages for both men and women, Ayurvedic Therapies, Aromatherapy, private steam rooms, and many more.

The staff is fully devoted to achieving the goal in common, are very easy to interact with, and are very vigilant in performing their duties with utmost care.

Situated from the chaos of traffic and the usual bustle, you will find this establishment effortlessly with transport available readily to drop you off. We say that the Zoylee app can be your rescue when it comes to navigating through the streets and finding your way to the doors of our very own  LifeStream wellness spa.

LifeStream Wellness spa

Services at LifeStream Wellness Spa

Utilizing your value time and getting rejuvenated in spas should not be just limited to a few customers. Understanding this very reason itself, LifeStream wellness spa has a wide range of facilities available for both men and women.

We swear by all the products and brands used by then. Along with meticulously sanitized facilities and equipment, they do not compromise on the quality of your services and safety.

We understand that while relaxing, your mind should not be wandering onto places thinking about how heavy an appointment would be on your pockets. However, LifeStream wellness spa has various offers and discounts for you, so you never have to drift the flow of your mindful sessions.

We suggest you visit the official website or download the Zoylee app to look into all the regulatory protocols that are being followed by LifeStream wellness spa on accounts of COVID-19.

Price and Packages

Services  Duration Price
Swedish Massages 45m-90m Starting at Rs.1530
Balinese Massages 60m-90m Starting at Rs. 2040
Deep Tissue Massages 45m-60m Starting at Rs. 2040
Aromatherapy Massages 45m60m Starting at Rs. 1700
Traditional Massage 60m Rs. 2125
Shiatsu Massage 60m Rs. 2125
Couple connect Massage 105m Rs. 5100
Foot reflexology 30m Rs. 850
Sea salt Scrub 60m Rs. 1530
Coffee Scrub 60m Rs. 1700
Sandalwood Scrub 60m Rs. 2380
Chocolate Scrub 60m Rs. 2550

You can download the Zoylee app or go to our official website to view all the offers and discounts that LifeStream wellness spa provides on each of the services.

Lifestream Spa


  • Refreshments

A good session at the spa would seem quite unaccomplished without something to soothe your guts and rehydrate your body. After all, we feel revived as a whole only when we are energized on the inside, right?

  • Payment

At LifeStream Wellness spa, the payment services for your sake are made hassle-free, and you can easily make deposits via all modes of payment methods. They accept-

  • Cash

Extremely simple and well-sanitized exchange of bills

  • Visa Cards-

Smooth transaction at the tips of your digits, which we reckon is particularly fully safe.

  • Master/Debit Cards

One of the most uncomplicated and simple methods, just a swipe movement, and you are good to go.

  • Parking

Who doesn’t want the luxury of getting your vehicles parked by a valet? Yes, you heard us; at LifeStream wellness spa, they have valet parking to take care of your hoopties for you. Sure, you do not want to miss out on that, right?

  • Air-Conditioning

Summertime equals good air conditioning, isn’t it? Be it a late summer appointment or mid-autumn session. A seamless and excellent experience is guaranteed your way by a LifeStream wellness spa with a consistently filtered air conditioning supply.

  • Wi-Fi enabled

The bolt speed Wi-Fi service at LifeStream wellness spa makes sure your life does not get ceased for unnecessary reasons while you wait for turns. So continue your work while and stand true to your life commitments.

What people think about us

LifeStream wellness spa has been one of the pioneers in the town, especially when it comes to Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic Therapies. It has an immensely supporting and well-skilled staff which is why they have held an excellent reputation among its customers.

If you wish to know more about the ratings and reviews by the customers, you might check it out on the Official website or the Zoylee app.

Spa at lifestream

How to book an appointment using the Zoylee app

Zoylee is, hands down, one of the extremely useful apps you have to have in your pockets. You can get yourself a good pampering session via-

The Zoylee App

You can search for the app, or you may download it for your iOs devices from the app store by clicking here. To find this app on the play store for android devices, click here.

Spa with Zoylee

Browse on internet

Just search for the name on your favorite search engines, and you will find it in the first few sites on the top.

You can also click on this link here to find the official website.

We know how this sickening lockdown can suck up all the essence of life we want to hold up so dearly. But, while going places are tough, you can always book yourself a good session with just a few clicks away on your device, which is why it is one of many must-have apps.

The Zoylee app is also immensely helpful when it comes to suggesting great places according to the choice of your services, i.e., salon, spa, body massage, makeup, hair styling, etc.

So you can now kiss your worries Goodbye and just relax because, with the Zoylee app, you can always make sure to stay ahead on all the updates, be it beauty, salons, or spas.