Latest Mehndi Designs For Girls In 2022


Mehndi, a beautiful art form in India, has been around for ages with worldwide popularity. You might have seen women with mehndi on their hands, mostly at their weddings. Mehndi awakes an emotion in people, from the mesmerizing smell of henna to its detailed look, people often praise these vintage designs.   

Women of all ages love to get Mehndi on their hands, and why not? They are lovely and have different types, so women always struggle to find and choose a suitable design. If you’re also someone with a similar concern, we have discovered some of the exquisite Mehndi designs you should try on your hands in 2022. Look up some of the latest designs here! 

Table of Contents

Arabic Mehndi design

Indo-Arabic Mehndi design 

Moroccan Mehndi design (Geometric)

Mandala Mehndi design 

Bangle Mehndi design 

Tattoo Mehndi design

Symmetrical Mehndi design

Crisscross Backhand Mehndi Design


Arabic Front and Backhand Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehndi, also famed as Mughlai Mehndi, involves a mix of both geometric and floral designs. However, the focus stays on free-hand patterns with classic mehndi designs like floral, fine lines, paisley, etc. Arabic mehndi leaves more space on your hands as it does not follow conventional design elements. Arabic mehndi gives bold to intricate designs that look absolutely captivating, be it on the front or backhand. Look at some of the elegant designs below.    

Image content:  (FRONT)

Arabic Mehndi design fronthand


Arabic mehndi fronthand design 2


Arabic mehndi design fronthand 3


Arabic fronthand mehndi design 4




Arabic Mehndi design Backhand 1


Arabic Mehndi design backhand 2


Arabic Mehndi backhand design 3


Arabic mehndi design backhand 4



Arabic Backhand mehndi design 5


Arabic mehndi backhand design 6


Arabic Mehndi design Backhand 7


Arabic Mehndi Design Backhand 8


Backhand Arabic backhand mehndi design 9


Indo-Arabic Front and Backhand Mehndi Design 


Indo-Arabic mehndi, a form of fusion design, is one of the trendiest mehndi designs for women. The contributing Indian and Arabic mehndi elements mainly focus on floral patterns and shaded birds. The Indo-Arabic touch gives a fascinating look to the mehndi and is perfectly suitable for both the front and backhand. 

Image content: 

Indo Arabic Mehndi Design front hand 1


Indo Arabic Fronthand Design 2


Indo Arabic Mehndi design backhand 1


Indo Arabic Mehndi Backhand 2

Geometric Front and Backhand Mehndi Design 

Geometric mehndi design is popular among women because of its uncomplicated textures and finishing. The patterns include various geometric figures that give your mehndi a modern look. It’s perfectly suitable for college-going girls who dream of simplicity with elegance. 

Image content: 

Geometric Backhand Mehndi Design 1


Geometric Backhand Mehndi design 2


Moroccan Mehendi fronthand design 1


Moroccan Mehendi Fronthand design 2

Moroccan Mehndi Front and Backhand Design 

Moroccan mehndi design is a reflection of typical symbols and patterns. The design elements of this mehndi include zigzag lines, geometric curves, and traditional Moroccan shapes with an eccentric aesthetic that reminds us of western tribal tattoo art. 

Image content: 

Moroccan Mehndi Fronthand design 2



Moroccan Mehndi backhand design 1


Moroccan Mehndi Backhand design 2


Moroccan Mehndi Backhand design 3



Moroccan Mehndi Backhand Design 4


Mandala Front and Backhand Mehndi Design 

Mandala mehndi is the most ancient form of mehndi design that continues to surprise us with its beautiful elements. Girls have gone down memory lane after seeing Alia’s Mandala mehndi at her wedding. Being an essential element of Mehndi, Mandala varies from simple to complex designs. Constantly pleasing to the eye, these designs include concentric circles on both the front and backhand to give the traditional Mandala look. 

Image content:

Mandala Front hand design 1


Mandala Front hand Design 2


Mandala Front hand design 3


Mandala Front hand design 4


Mandala mehndi design backhand 1


Mandala mehndi design backhand 2


Mandala mehndi design backhand 3


Mandala mehndi design backhand 4


Bangle Front and Backhand Mehndi Design 

Bangle mehndi design, an incredibly popular mehndi, revolves around a circular band or belt-like pattern wrapped around your wrist, hand, or fingers. It involves typical spaces between the intrinsic design elements to emphasize the essence of bangle mehndi and portrays a perfect balance between modern and traditional mehndi designs.  

Image content:

Bangle Front hand mehndi design 1


Bangle mehndi design fronthand 2


Bangle mehndi design Fronthand 3


Bangle mehndi design fronthand 4


Bangle Mehndi design front hand 5


Tattoo Mehndi Design 

Women who love mehndi but don’t like to sit for hours to get their designs done should consider Tattoo mehndi. The mehndi artists use regular or colorful henna influenced by Arabic art and form these tattoo-like mehndi designs. Tattoo mehndi consists of floral motifs and other eastern decorations on your front and backhand.  Have a look at some of the most irresistible Tattoo mehndi designs- 

Image content:

Tattoo Mehndi Design front hand


Tattoo Mehndi Design backhand 3


Tattoo Mehndi Design backhand 4


Tattoo Mehndi Design backhand 6


Tattoo Mehndi Design backhand 1


Tattoo Mehndi Design backhand 2


Tattoo Mehndi Design backhand 5


Tattoo Mehndi Design backhand 5


Symmetrical Mehndi Design 

Symmetrical mehndi designs, a popular form of mehndi, are worth a try. Based on the choice of your mehndi design, the artists apply the mehndi in a symmetrical pattern. So, when you join your hands, the design looks balanced and completed. Symmetrical mehndi is an easy-going mehndi design that gives a combined look of polished and elegant mehndi. 

Image content: 

Symmetrical Mehendi Design fronthand 3


Symmetrical Mehendi Design front hand 1


Symmetrical Mehendi Design front hand 2


Symmetrical Mehendi Design fronthand 3


Symmetrical Mehendi Design fronthand 4



Crisscross Front and Backhand Mehndi Design

The presence of a crisscross design upgrades the final look of your mehndi. With continuous crisscross goes the conventional mehndi elements like floral, geometry, lines, etc. In crisscross mehndi, you can choose between half or full-hand mehndi design. This detailed and beautifully patterned mehndi is all set to stand out in today’s time.

Image content:

Crisscross Backhand Mehndi Design 1


Crisscross Backhand Mehndi Design 2


Crisscross Backhand Mehndi Design 3


Crisscross Backhand Mehndi Design 4


Crisscross Backhand Mehndi Design 5


Crisscross Backhand Mehndi Design 6

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