15 latest Bridal Mehndi Designs


Weddings are a beautiful accumulation of singing, dressing up, dancing and a plethora of memories. Along with the long list of activities that a bride has to go through, one of the main events that everyone waits for is that of applying henna on the hands of a newlywed bride. Mehndi designs are that one element which can amp up any look. 

Henna leaves are soaked, crushed and grinded to make a smooth paste. It is considered to be an auspicious product for all the newlyweds. This pre-wedding function is filled with a lot of creativity as the preference and design pattern of each bride has changed over time. 

Along with the gorgeous stain that a henna paste leaves behind, it is also believed to be rich in a lot of antioxidant properties. The henna oil has been shown to reduce inflammation, fine lines and blemishes. It is an excellent option for a newlywed even after the festivities are over. 

Today, let’s take a look at some henna options and designs that a newlywed can experiment with in the “shaadi season.”

Long gone are the days when a full hand of traditional henna was the only option which the brides would opt for. In current times, newlyweds can experiment, include their own unique and personalized touch into it and also write the initials of their partner’s name. Here are some designs for you.

1. Minimal Mehndi Design –

Minimal Mehndi Design


Minimal Mehndi design

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Minimal Mehndi Designs

All the brides who do not wish to go completely over the top with their henna can opt for a minimal mehndi design. This is also a great option for those who cannot bear the strong smell of the mehndi paste. From circular patterns to little geometric designs, this style of henna can be rocked after the wedding festivities are over. It looks chic and stylish for the modern age newlywed bride.


2. Arabic Mehndi Designs – 

Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic fronthand mehndi design


Arabic mehndi design

The Arabic mehndi design is striking, intricate and filled with delicate patterns. It runs diagonally at an angle to create a beautiful balance on the palms of the bride. It can also be worn on other Indian festivals like Diwali, Teej etc. to bring out an individual’s bridal glow and beauty. This is also an extremely popular option to consider if one is in a rush to get their mehndi done.


3. Pattern Bridal Mehndi Designs – 

pattern bridal Mehndi design


Pattern Mehndi design


Pattern Mehndi designs


Pattern Mehndi Designs


Patterned bridal henna is one of the most creative styles of mehndi for a newlywed bride. One can play around with stripes, dots, lines and other geometric patterns. This not only gives a unique look to the entire design but also looks absolutely stunning in photographs. This henna style is one of a kind and is absolutely the best option for a creative newlywed bride.


4. Lotus Patterned Henna Design – 

Loutus Pattern mehndi design

lotus Mehndi designs


lotus mehndi designs


The lotus flower is considered to be auspicious in many cultures. It symbolizes prosperity, beauty, eternity, spirituality and fertility. It looks dainty and one of a kind when done on the hands of a newlywed bride with henna. The motifs of the lotus flower can be experimented with. Huge lotus patterns in the middle of the palm or little ones covering the entire hand can look absolutely stunning and eye-catching.


5. Mehndi Design With Storytelling – 

storytelling mehndi designs

Storytelling mehndi Design


If the bride and groom have their own unique story to share then a picture based mehndi style henna is the most unique option to consider. This can also be done with auspicious signs, symbols and images which carry meaning or are close to the couple’s heart. A mix of both is also a great way to create one’s own unique wedding henna design.


Conclusion – 

In conclusion, mehndi styles are something which differs from person to person. Every individual will have their own taste, type and style when it comes to henna application. However, the above-mentioned styles are some of the most interesting, eye catching, one of a kind options to consider for a newlywed bride. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your henna done today. 


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