Rising Popularity of Korean Beauty Standards


K-beauty products have gained popularity in the Indian market for a few years now, and it looks like the trend is here to stay. The huge question is, how similar or different are K-beauty skincare from Indian beauty products? Social media has played a huge role in promoting Korean beauty standards.

There are various aspects that make Korean beauty products everyone’s favorite. Some of these include sheet masks, serums, toners, moisturizers, sunscreen, and lip/eye patches. Their cute, vibrant packaging with the inclusion of natural elements in it is what makes it a crowd favorite. 

Various influencers and creators have made several videos in collaboration with brands that have launched the K-beauty game into the Indian market. 

This has massively spiked the sales of products that promote properties like “glass skin,” “no-makeup look,” “flushed cheeks,” etc. The approach that Korean beauty products have taken is a little different as compared to the Indian cosmetic market. 

Korean beauty products put a huge focus on skincare as compared to makeup. They market their products as minimalistic, suitable for every skin type, and something which is lightweight and skin-like. 

Let’s take a Look at Some Korean Makeup Standards 


  • Sheet Masks have been the Game Changer – 

Sheet Mask

One of the most popular and “go-to” products in the Korean beauty skincare game is that of using a sheet mask. This simple and easy to use product has intrigued many of its users. Sheet masks are usually made out of cotton, fiber or cellulose. 

It is further soaked in a specialized serum which drenches the face of the customer with its goodness and nutrients. It should be left on the face for 15-20 minutes and then discarded. The remaining serum can be patted gently onto the skin. 

The key is to not let the sheet mask dry and instead keep it wet for as long as possible. 

This gives a quick glow which is a perfect option before any special occasion. Sheet masks come in a variety of combinations which target specific problem areas. 

From fruit enriched ones for dull and tired skin to stronger ones with chemical components which target pigmentation and sun spots, a sheet mask is a fun way to glam up your skin. 

  • Facial Serums have been a huge hit – 

Facial Serum

Facial Serums have been thoroughly integrated into our beauty routine since the Korean beauty market has exploded. From AHA-BHA’s to Vitamin-C, and more, facial serums are gradually becoming a huge hit and a part of our everyday routine. Korean beauty standards promote something which is skin deep. It basically markets that one should nourish the skin which makes it stand out from the rest. It promotes the overall idea that if one’s skin is healthy from within then whatever makeup is applied on top of it will automatically look fresh, dewy, healthy and glowing. This is why many companies have started rolling out serums to improve the overall quality of the skin.

  • Glass skin makeup – 

Glass Skin Makeup

Glass skin makeup is something that every Indian has widely started exploring. It is another term for spotless, skin-like, minimalistic makeup look. This feels lightweight, breathable, and barely there. The first step is to add a dewy finish foundation that does not look cakey on the skin. Most of these foundations are water-based. Concealers, correctors and powders are used in moderation to let the healthy skin shine. A flushed cheek with natural blush and feather brows that look younger are the perfect option to create a successful glass skin makeup. 

Korean beauty standards are very high when it comes to skincare. It is also very common to mix oils into their foundation to create a glass-skin effect.

  • Ombre Lips from Korean beauty standard– 

Ombre Lips

Ombre lips are another massive K-beauty trend which has rocked the world of Indian makeup. In this technique, a dark shade is applied to the inner corner of the lip and gradually the lighter shades are filled outside the lips. A concealer is applied on the edges to clean everything up and blend it in with the foundation. It is sealed with a clear gloss to give a shiny effect. This is different from the usual ombre lip technique as darker color is applied in the center and not on the edges.

Conclusion –

In conclusion, the Korean skincare and makeup trends are something that have boomed in the Indian beauty industry and are definitely here to stay. From natural skin-like makeup to innovative beauty and skincare products, it is absolutely essential for customers to experience the goodness of Korean beauty at least once in their lifetime.  

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