Decoding Justin Bieber’s Iconic Hairstyles: Inspiration for 2024?


Justin Bieber Haircut isn’t just one style anymore! In 2024, it’s all about rocking variations. Think cool, grown-out shags with texture and waves, or try a polished top knot for a day out. Feeling bold? Experiment with a bleached buzz cut inspired by his latest looks. No matter your vibe, there’s a “Bieber cut” for you this year.

Top 15 Justin Beiber Haircuts in 2024

Swoopy Fringe Haircut


The “Justin Bieber Haircut,” also known as the swoopy fringe, took the world by storm. This iconic style features long, layered hair that sweeps dramatically across the forehead. Easy to maintain and effortlessly cool, it lets you channel your inner pop star with a touch of youthful swagger.

Justin Choppy Crop Cut
















Want the effortless cool of a celeb? The “Justin Bieber Haircut,” also known as the choppy crop cut, is back! This textured style combines short sides with layers on top for a look that’s both easy to manage and undeniably stylish.

Slicked Back Undercut















Channel your inner superstar with the “Justin Bieber Haircut,” a sleek twist on the classic undercut. This style features short, faded sides that contrast with longer hair slicked back for a polished, effortlessly cool look.

Bieber Grown-Out Shag Cut


Calling all Beliebers and style seekers! The “Bieber Haircut” is back. This grown-out shag, popularized by Justin Bieber, offers effortless waves and cool texture. Get that shaggy-chic vibe and rock a hairstyle that’s both timeless and trendy.

Bleached Buzz Haircut









Craving a fresh cut? The bleached buzz cut, popularized by Justin Bieber, offers both edge and ease. This short style keeps hair low-maintenance with a blonde twist for a bold statement. It’s perfect for guys seeking a cool, effortless look.

Justin Bieber Dreadlocks Cut


Ditch the 2016 dreadlocks drama! Rock a grown-out shag inspired by Justin Bieber’s post-2018 styles. This textured, wavy haircut offers effortless cool compared to high-maintenance dreadlocks. Perfect for guys who want a trendy look without the commitment.

Justin Bieber Mullet Haircut
















The mullet made a comeback in recent years, and Justin has experimented with this business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back hairstyle.

Shaggy Mullet Cut
















Bieber’s not just about baby bangs anymore! Embrace the shaggy mullet, his latest hair trend. This cut combines cool, textured layers with a mullet’s edgy vibe. It’s perfect for guys who want a hairstyle that’s both stylish and low-key.

Bieber Pink Hairstyle










Bieber has experimented with different hair colors over the years, including pink. This style is achieved with bleach and pink hair dye.

Justin Teal Haircut


Tired of the same old haircut? Get a Justin’s Teal Twist on the classic Bieber shag. Add a pop of teal color to the tips for a trendy update on this iconic style. It’s perfect for guys who want to stand out from the crowd.

Justin Purple Hairstyle
















Not all Biebs hair is shaggy! Want a bolder look? Channel his 2016 rebellion with the “Justin Purple Hairstyle.” This playful twist on a classic cut adds a pop of color for guys who aren’t afraid to stand out. It’s a temporary statement with lasting impact.

Blonde Shaggy Hair
















Go blonde and shaggy with the latest “Bieber cut”! This beachy twist on the classic shag haircut adds instant cool. It’s perfect for guys who want effortless style with a touch of sun-kissed flair.

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The Beach Waves


Sun-kissed and stylish! Get Justin’s beach waves haircut for effortlessly cool hair. This textured style with wavy strands is perfect for all hair types and needs minimal styling. It’s the ideal choice for guys who want a laid-back, surfer vibe.

Justin Bieber Man Bun
















Bieber’s a hair chameleon! Trade the high-maintenance cuts for his effortless man bun. It’s perfect for taming long hair or adding instant style on the go. This practical ‘do is a great choice for guys who want a relaxed vibe without the commitment.

Top Knot Hairstyle









Not all Biebs hair is floppy! For a more polished look, try the top knot inspired by his recent styles. This versatile option offers a clean cut look while keeping hair off your face. It’s perfect for guys who want a trendy yet sophisticated upgrade.

These are just a few ideas, and it will be interesting to see what hair trends Justin Bieber helps set in 2024!


From his signature swoopy fringe to bold-colored buzz cuts and grown-out mullets, Justin Bieber has never been afraid to experiment with his hair.  Whether you love them or hate them, his hairstyles are guaranteed to get a reaction and continue to be a source of inspiration (and maybe even cautionary tales) for young men everywhere.

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Does Justin Bieber have thin hair?

Maybe, there are reports that Justin Bieber has experienced some receding hairline and hair thinning, especially in his late 20s.  It’s even been speculated he may have undergone hair transplant surgery.

What is Justin Bieber’s wings haircut called?

The wings haircut, also known as the Mod haircut, mop top, flippies, flow, or Justin Bieber haircut, is a popular choice among skateboarders, surfers, mods, and preppy styles.

What is Justin Bieber’s haircut called?

Justin Bieber’s haircut doesn’t have one specific name. It’s commonly called the wings haircut, also known as the grown-out shag.