How to Care a Ton with Keratin Hair Treatment?


If you have seen the gorgeous looks of Priyanka Chopra or Katrina Kaif, even for a fleeting moment you would have asked for the same hair look for yourself. The effect is easily available with the assistance of keratin treatment, which uses a chemical formula to remove frizz and smoothen the hair.

However, most ladies are unaware of the exact things that they need to follow before and after getting a keratin treatment. Here are a few things that you can keep in mind when planning your appointment.

Before the Keratin Treatment

  • Prevent application of medicated hair oils or serums before treatment

  • Wash your hair well and condition it properly.

  • If you want to have colored hair, do it before getting the treatment; as this will set the color, giving out a more vibrant shade.

  • Do not perm or stylize your hair.

  • Buy a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner before getting the job done.

Aftercare Treatment 

  • Do not wet your hair for at least three days.

  • Dry your hair ASAP if your hair gets wet from sweat or rainwater.

  • Try not to braid or tie your hair with strong-gripping hair bands, ponytail holders, clips, etc.

  • Even if you want to tuck your hair behind your hair, resist doing so.

  • After three days, don’t use products (hair gel, hairspray, mousse, root lifting spray) to style your hair.

  • Always cover your hair with a scarf (not a hat) before going out in the sun.

Getting a good keratin treatment is easy. However, it takes a lot of time, patience, and care to maintain the beneficial effects of this treatment. If you are planning to get the keratin treatment done soon, try using these tips to see the amazing, noticeable effect.