Home Remedies For A Fit And Glowing You


Our ancestors have always talked about how one can identify the health of a person by glancing at his/her skin. A person’s skin is the purest reflection of a person’s health both mental, and physical. In these crucifying times with the high level of pollutants in the atmosphere, it has become difficult to protect your skin and body from damage, and thus It has become imperative to keep some tricks and knacks up your sleeve for both the detoxification of your skin and body, to get that radiant, and fit YOU.

In this article, we will present to you some ancient old tips and hacks that will provide hassle-free detoxification of mind, body, and skin. These hacks could be inculcated in your daily routine for the best benefits.

So, without any further introduction… Let’s get started !!

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the best ways to detoxify the body is by introducing vitamin C in your daily diet, and what’s better than Apple cider vinegar itself. With high levels of Vitamin C, healthy enzymes, and friendly bacteria, it not just detoxifies the body, but also helps in curing constipation, gastric issues, and promotes weight loss. Apart from that, Apple Cider Vinegar has been clinically proven to reduce Acne and pigmentation and has had good effects on the skin’s radiance and glow.

2. Green Tea

Green Tea

To lead a healthy and stress-free life, swap all your caffeinated drinks with green teas, and infused water. Caffeinated drinks hinder our body system and sleep cycle which in return leads to a lot of gastric issues and mental issues like stress and anxiety. Thus, swapping coffees and black teas with green teas, would not only help in better sleep and glowing skin, but would also help the body in the absorption of antioxidants and other important micro-minerals. 

3. A Balanced Diet


Nothing could be compromised over a balanced diet. A good diet consists of every major and micronutrient and is fulfilling and native. Too much fatty food and unhealthy food could lead to less nutrient absorption and excess oil production on your skin. Less nutrient absorption results in fatigue, and weakness, moreover, excess oil production leads to breakouts and acne. So, you decide to make that Mcdonald’s burger or a healthy you… what would you prefer?

4. Sound Sleep

Sound Sleep

Whether you are losing weight or are just maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A sound sleep could never be compromised by anything. The sleeping time is the duration when the body resets itself and works on its system. It is the time when the body is repairing its tissues, regaining energy, and easing the memory. The importance of a sound sleep couldn’t be emphasized enough. 

5. Plenty Of Water


Want glowing and healthy-looking skin? Then the most friendly and budgeted tip is to keep hydrating yourself. The best detoxification technique is drinking ample amounts of water. A healthy person should drink about 8-10 glasses of water a day to maintain a healthy system. Water helps to prevent constipation, acne, and other body and skin related issues.

If you follow these five tips consistently, then there is nothing in this world that could stop you from attaining the fittest version of yourself.