Holi 2024 Hair Care Tips To Prevent Hair Damage


“Do me a favor, let’s play Holi!” But, also do us a favor and take care of your hair post-Hair Care Tips for Holi celebrations. Highfive if you were worried about the same!

In our opinion, Holi is a farewell to winter-caused damage to hair. But, this very festival also welcomes hair damage due to harmful colors and water. Right? Now, if you want to rescue yourself from this dilemma, spare us a few minutes and see what we got today in our bucket. And no, its not water balloons, but hair care tips for Holi. Gujiya-cheers!


1. Hair trimming a week before holi

Hair Trimming A Week Before Holi


Holi special gulaals are sometimes harmful to our hair, making it more brittle, rough, and dry. The prime advice would be to trim or chop your hair a week or two before Holi. It will simplify the post-Holi haircare procedure, as you’ll deal with shorter and healthier hair.

2. Tie your hair up

Tie Your Hair Up

Always braid your hair and pin it up into a bun to prevent exposing much of your hair to the colors and water. However, oiling your hair before tying them protects it more, as the oil hardly lets the color stay on the scalp. Now get a nice chumpy pre-Holi and enjoy the gulaal rain!

3. Skip shampoo

Skip Shampoo

Credit– Best Health Magazine

It is better not to shampoo your hair on Holi or even a day before that, as it keeps the inner natural oils of the scalp untouched. It might make your hair a little greasy, but it doesn’t let it lock in your scalp and prevents color damage.

4. Color It right

Color It Right

Credit– Bodycraft

Have you recently gotten a funky Holi-special hair color? Or probably thinking to get one just before Holi? That’s a good idea only if you choose the right hair color. Mostly, fashion colors like red, purple, blue, and green don’t stay for long and damage the hair more than bronze and gold shades.

Choose the right hair color and show up all-new, and prevent your hair from post-Holi damage. As with hair color, your hair becomes shinier too. Also, don’t forget to take the complementary hair wash post-hair color.

5. Oil For sure

Oil For Sure

Credit– Quora

As we have already discussed, oiling your hair prevents it from getting color damage due to a protective shield on your scalp. Apart from this, who doesn’t want a relaxing chumpy? So make sure to oil your hair before going out for Holi.

6. Cover your scalp

Cover Your Scalp

Credit– Femina.in

The best way to protect your hair from color and water damage is to cover it up with either a fashionable scarf or a bandana. What an amazing chic vibe it will give to your Holi looks.


1. Methi Or fenugreek seeds hair mask

Methi Or Fenugreek Seeds Hair Mask

Credit– Bodywise

Chemically produced Holi colors and grease can damage the hair fibers and scalp, sometimes even sucking the moisture out of it. You can keep a moisture check with the help of a fenugreek and yogurt hair mask. Fenugreek or methi seeds help restore moisture, and yogurt keeps blood circulation in the scalp healthy.

Steps to prepare the mask-

  • Grind two tbsp of overnight soaked fenugreek seeds and make a powder. 
  • Add four tsbp yogurt to it. 
  • Apply it on your scalp and let it be for about 30-35 minutes. 
  • Wash it off with normal water.

2. Sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Credit– BeBeautiful

Holi celebration might store dirt and dust on your scalp, which further feeds on the natural oils and moisture. Using a sulfate-free shampoo gets you free from all such hassles. Sulfate-based shampoo dries out your hair to a great extent, sulfate-free on the contrary, feels softer and healthier.

3. Honey & lemon hair pack

Honey & Lemon Hair Pack

Credit– BeBeautiful

Honey has moisturizing properties that can kick off dryness, and lemon treats fizziness with antioxidants, that make your hair healthier. So, a mask including both ingredients would do wonders in treating post-Holi hair.

Steps to prepare the mask-

  • Mix two tbsp olive oil with two tbsp honey. 
  • Add few drops of lemon juice into the mixture.
  • Massage this mix in your scalp and leave for about 20 minutes.Wash it off with normal water.

4. Hair spa

Hair Spa

Credit– BeBeautiful

Post-Holi hair spa treatments are the best, as hair spa rehydrates our scalp and restores the essential oils to our hair. It’s a therapy that provides nutrients and calmness to the scalp. Whatever damage may be caused to your hair can be fixed through an effective hair spa.

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