Hair Spa: Types, Steps, And Benefits


The hectic lifestyle along with dirt, dust and pollution has wreaked havoc on our beauty routine, especially the hair. It gets dry, dehydrated and brittle from time to time and the intense chemical incorporated products do not help as well. Women also turn to hair styling tools like heated straighteners, curlers, tongs, crimpers etc. to style their hair. 

This creates a deep rooted damage which can cause split ends, breakage, hair loss and a host of other issues. Traditional home remedies like oiling, massage and steaming can help in repairing the hair to some extent but the prominent results can take some time to appear properly. This is where Hair Spa’s come to the rescue. 

One can see a noticeable difference in their hair type when hair spas are done on a timely basis. Today, let’s learn about hair spas from scratch.

What is a Hair Spa

Hair spa mask

This is an excellent option to nourish condition, replenish and reverse the damage to some extent. It also gives a beautiful luster to the hair and can be customized according to every individual’s hair type and texture. This serves as an excellent option when one simply wishes to pamper and relax. 

This treatment also fixes any previous damage while giving it a beautiful shine. It gives a “feel good” factor. One can opt for a hair spa treatment before attending any big celebration or event to flaunt those tresses with ease. Certain hair spas also have multiple benefits which can add additional strength and protection to the hair.

Types of Hair Spa

Types of Hair Spa

There are various types of Hair Spa treatments as they have been customized from time to time. While some aim to rigorously clean and nourish the hair, others are simply a means to relax and rejuvenate. Today, let’s take a look at some basic hair spas that everyone can try out.

  • For eliminating Dandruff – Removes stubborn flakes from the scalp, hair and ends.
  • For smoothening the locks – Gives a smooth and shiny finish to the entire hair.
  • For bleached and colored hair – Repairs extensive damage from the chemicals.
  • For an oily scalp – Controls excessive oil and sebum production.
  • To treat an itchy scalp – Removes the constant urge to itch the scalp by bringing back 
  • Loreal Hair Spa – The brand Loreal is familiar to all of us. It is used to achieve a smooth and detangled look in all of the Hair Spas.



Benefits of Hair Spa

Benefits of Hair Spa

There are various benefits of a hair spa. It revitalizes the scalp, nourishes, and gives extensive moisture treatment to the scalp. Some other additional benefits of having are –

  • Controls excessive sebum production – It reduces oily scalp and pimple formation. This in turn keeps the scalp healthy.
  • Strengthens the root and hair follicles – It strengthens the hair which makes it more heat and water resistant.
  • Promotes new hair growth – It promotes new hair growth if people are seeing excessive hair fall and breakage.
  • Repairs the existing damage – It repairs the existing damage from coloring, bleaching, perming etc.
  • Acts as an excellent stress reliever – It acts as a great stress reliever and pampers the customer.
  • Helps in eliminating dandruff – It controls dry skin flaking and dandruff formation.
  • Combats excessive dryness and brittle hair – It adds back the lost moisture into the scalp which leads to healthy and shiny hair.
  • Repairs split ends – It repairs split ends and dry hair effortlessly.

Uses of Hair Spa

Uses of Hair Spa

A hair spa is used for various hair repairing purposes. It cleanses and unclogs the pores which help in releasing dirt, dust, gunk and accumulated dead skin and debris from the pores. This in turn, prevents pimple formation, infection and inflammation. It also strengthens the hair by cleaning it thoroughly and adding back the moisture into it. It also controls excessive oil secretion which is produced by the sebaceous glands. This in turn, helps in curbing hair fall.

Steps Involved

Steps In Hair Spa

Hair Spas can be done in various different ways depending upon the treatment and the customization. However there are five basic steps which are a staple in every hair spa. They are as follows –

  • Massaging the scalp –Massaging the hair and scalp with a non-comedogenic hair oil gives a boost of nourishment to the dry and brittle strands.
  • Steaming the scalp and hair –The steam helps in clearing out the clogged pores and eliminating any accumulated gunk.
  • Shampooing thoroughly – Shampooing the hair thoroughly helps in removing any impurities from the hair and scalp.
  • Deep conditioning treatment – A deep conditioning treatment gives a soft and glowing feel to the entire hair while locking in the moisturizing properties in the cuticle.
  • A final hair wash – A final hair wash with cold water to finish off the entire treatment before blow drying.

The Disadvantages

Disadvantage of Hair Spa

Apart from the plethora of benefits that a hair spa can have on your scalp, there are quite a few disadvantages that the customers face. Let’s have a look at some of the things which can go wrong and should be kept in mind before plunging in on an expensive or fancy treatments.

  • Can be pricey on your pockets – Theses are not exactly budget friendly and need to be done quite frequently to see the best of results. Customizations can only add to the existing costing.
  • Needs to be followed up with expensive at home products – At home products like shampoos, conditioners and serums, need to be of a good brand in order to make the results last for longer.
  • It might fade certain hair colors – Certain colors might fade over time if one goes for a timely hair spa appointment.
  • Need to follow up with a healthy diet and good lifestyle – A hair spa alone will not fix the length or thickness of the hair. One needs to maintain a healthy diet and overall lifestyle to get the best results.

The Do’s and Don’ts

Do's & Don't of Hair Spa

There are various tips, tricks and hacks that one needs to follow when getting a Hair Spa done. From maintenance to following up on the strands, there are a vast number of things that one needs to keep in mind from getting their hair go haywire. Let’s have a look at some do’s and don’ts that someone getting a hair spa should keep in mind.

 DO’S –   

  • Get timely follow ups.
  • Use good quality aftercare products (shampoos, conditioners, serums, etc)
  • Go for a hot oil massage from time to time.
  • Incorporate a healthy diet and overall lifestyle routine.

 DON’TS –  

  • Limit the use of hot hair tools. Go for heatless ones instead.
  • Limit the usage of harsh hair styling sprays, shampoos and powders.
  • Keep your scalp clean and healthy.
  • Do not harshly dry or untangle your wet hair.

How to do a Hair Spa at Home?

Hair Spa at home

Contrary to popular belief it is extremely easy to do a Hair Spa at home. It saves an individual a lot of time, effort and money if done correctly. Brands like Loreal have upped their hair spa game with a multitude of products. From shampoos and conditioners to other hair treatments so, it can be easily achieved at home with the products from Loreal.

Let’s take a look at some of the steps with which one can easily do at home. 

  • Read the package instructions carefully – Always read the instructions on the back of a kit carefully in order to avoid any further mishaps.
  • Mix the correct ratio – Mix the correct ratio of products in order to create the perfect solution.
  • Apply on the scalp, roots and tips – Massage thoroughly on the scalp, roots and tips to ensure that the product is spread evenly.
  • Leave it on for 20 minutes – Leave the pack on for a minimum of twenty minutes in order to reap maximum benefits.
  • Rinse it off – Rinse it off with regular temperature water.
  • Follow up with a serum – Gently dry it with a cotton towel/T-shirt. Follow it up with a serum to make sure that the moisture remains locked in.

How to do Hair Spa at Home with Natural Ingredients? 

DIY Hair Spa at home

Doing a DIY at home with kitchen staples is an amazing option for everyone who wishes to go the natural route. Combining the correct ingredients will strengthen, replenish, repair, and nourish the roots and scalp. Let’s take a look at a few popular natural hair spas to try out.

  • Fenugreek & Yogurt mask – This mask is excellent for strengthening the hair and reducing breakage. 
  • Amla Hair Mask – An amla hair mask is great for stimulating new hair growth and repairing the hair. It can be mixed with any oil of your choice. 
  • Aloe Vera Hair Mask – An aloe vera hair mask is great for adding luster and shine to the hair. If an individual has split ends and rough hair then this is the perfect option to try out.
  • Banana Hair Mask – A banana hair mask is great for softening and nourishing the hair. It is a great option for eliminating frizz from the hair.
  • Egg Hair Mask – An egg hair mask conditions the hair naturally while maintaining the natural ph balance of the scalp. 

FAQ’s – 

What is the use of a hair spa?

It has numerous uses, but the primary ones are to nourish, soften, smoothen, strengthen, cure dandruff and repair the hair.

What is the average cost of a hair spa?

The average cost of a hair spa can range anywhere between 300-800 INR.

Does a hair spa straighten the hair?

No. A hair spa is done to maintain the quality of the hair, instead of changing its type.

What is the duration of a hair spa treatment?

The duration of a hair spa treatment approximately ranges from an hour to two hours, depending upon the length and customizations.

Does hair spa cause baldness?

No. A hair spa is not proven to cause baldness. However, not every product will suit the customer’s hair type and hence a consultation beforehand is necessary.

How frequently can we do a hair spa?

On an average, a hair spa can be done once in two weeks depending upon the hair and scalp type.

What is the right age to start a hair spa?

Anybody above the age group of 14 years old can opt for a hair spa treatment.

How long does the effects of hair spa last?

The effects of a hair spa last for around 15-30 days.

Which type of a hair spa is the best?

All hair spas serve a different purpose. Which some might be great for strengthening, others are a good option to add some shine. Choose a hair spa depending upon your concern.

Which is the better option – A hair spa or a keratin treatment?

Both the options are beneficial in their own ways. However a keratin treatment costs a little more than a hair spa as its effects last longer.