Get Glowing With The Ultimate Monsoon Skincare Guide For 2022


Monsoons have finally descended upon us after a long period of scorching heat. The sipping of chai along with the heavenly smell of “mitti ki khushboo” is what we all look forward to on those gloomy and cloudy mornings. Monsoon skincare is easy to follow with just a few simple steps.

However along with the gorgeousness of the weather, monsoons bring upon us a downpour of damp and foggy skin issues. These problems can range anywhere between a small pimple to a plethora of blackheads and whiteheads.  

While it is an absolute no-brainer that our skin needs some extra TLC to adjust into the changing climates, the monsoon season brings with it some new set of challenges. People with an oily skin type can suffer from an excessive sticky situation during this season. 

Problems like dirt, dust and pollution only add to the problem when it comes to skincare. People with a combination to dry skin type can suffer from other issues like rashes, extra sensitivity, redness, and peeling. 

To combat all of these issues, we bring to you some effective tips, tricks, and hacks which will simultaneously combat all of these issues along with regenerating your skin cells. Let’s get started. 


Sunscreen Lotion


Use A Sunscreen According to Your Skin Type

Using sunscreen according to your skin type in monsoons is extremely important to avoid any sort of breakout. One might think that due to the cloudy weather it is not important to wear sunscreen. Skipping on sunscreen will only add to the problems in the skin. Wearing a lightweight crème-based sunscreen if you have an extremely dry skin type. Go for a gel-based/tinted sunscreen in case of oily and combination skin types. This will not only save your skin from tanning but will also protect your skin from free-flowing particles during the windy monsoons.


Gentle Exfoliator for skin

Use A Gentle Exfoliator In Your Monsoon Skincare Routine

In monsoons, due to the extreme sensitivity of the skin, it is important to exfoliate gently. This will prevent microscopic tears in the skin. It will also help to repair, replenish and clean out any accumulated gunk from the skin. Exfoliators can also be made at home using simple DIY methods. A coffee and oatmeal grind can be used as a scrub to effectively clean the skin. Including this step in one’s daily skincare routine will automatically prevent clogging the pores. It will also control excessive sebum production, blackheads, whiteheads etc.


Tea-Tree Oil


Include Tea-tree Oil Into Your Monsoon Skincare Routine

Due to the excessive moisture in the air, monsoons can contribute to fungal infections and rashes. To avoid such mishaps, make tea tree oil your best friend. Tea tree oil not only has major antibacterial and antifungal properties it also aids in making your skin healthier, glowing and nourished. Put a few drops of it into your regular moisturizer and put it into your daily bathwater to yield amazing results. Say goodbye to active acne, blind pimples and more.


Face Cleaning


Do Not Over Cleanse Your Skin

Due to the excessive oil production and the sticky situation in monsoons, people tend to over-wash and rigorously cleanse their skin. This will lead to stripping off the natural oils from the surface of the face and lead to extreme dryness, peeling, etc. To combat this repeating cycle, use gentle cleansers and foam-based washes. This will clean your skin without harming the barrier and keep it soft and moisturized.


Drinking Water


Drink Lots Of Water As A Part Of Your Monsoon Skincare

To get healthy and glowing skin it is important to keep yourself nourished from within. In monsoons people often forget to drink water due to the chilly weather. This will lead to moisture loss from the skin, resulting in dehydration and dryness. Drinking at least 7-8 liters of water in a day is absolutely essential in monsoons to achieve smooth, bouncy and plump skin. You can also infuse the water with nutrients, fruits and actives to appeal to your taste buds.



In conclusion, monsoons are a beautiful season that gives us some much-needed relief after some scorching heat. The cool and pleasant breeze along with the chilling rains can make one’s skin feel nourished and healthy. All you need to do is show your skin some extra love and care in order to make it bright, glowing, happy and healthy. Happy monsoons!

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