What is GFC Hair Treatment: Benefits, Steps, and Who It’s For


GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) hair treatment is a non-surgical procedure aimed at stimulating hair growth and reducing hair loss.

It involves extracting growth factors from the patient’s own blood and then re-injecting these concentrated factors into the scalp.

These growth factors help rejuvenate the hair follicles, promoting new hair growth, and making the hair denser and healthier. 

It’s considere an advance treatment for those experiencing hair thinning or loss.

What is GFC Hair Treatment?

GFC Hair Treatment is a special hair care process that aims to improve the health and appearance of your hair. It involves using a unique formula of products to treat various hair concerns such as dryness, damage, frizz, or lack of shine. GFC stands for ‘Glossing, Fortifying, and Conditioning,’ which are the key aspects of this treatment. It works by nourishing and strengthening your hair from root to tip, leaving it looking healthier, smoother, and more vibrant

Steps of GFC Hair Treatment

1. Chat with the Hair Expert

First, you’ll chat with a hairstylist about your hair concerns and what you hope to achieve with the treatment.

2. Cleansing

They’ll gently cleanse your hair to remove any dirt or product buildup, like getting ready for a fresh start!

3. Conditioning

Next comes a deep conditioning treatment to give your hair some extra love and nourishment, just like a hair mask for your scalp!

4. Glossing

A glossing treatment is applied to make your hair shine bright and healthy, like adding a finishing touch of polish!

5. Fortifying

A fortifying treatment is used to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage. This step typically involves the application of protein-rich products that help to rebuild and fortify the hair’s structure.

6. Heat Application

In some cases, heat may be applied to the hair to help the treatment products penetrate more deeply into the hair shaft. This can be done using a hair dryer or a specialized heat cap.

7. Rinse and Style

After the treatment, your hair will be rinsed and styled as desire. Get ready to show off your healthy, revitalized hair!

8. Follow-Up Care

To maintain the results of the GFC Hair Treatment, it is important to follow a proper hair care routine at home, including regular shampooing, conditioning, and occasional treatments to keep the hair nourished and hydrated.

Benefits of GFC Hair Treatment

  • Promotes hair growth: The growth factors in GFC are believe to stimulate hair follicles, promote cell proliferation, and increase blood flow to the scalp, potentially leading to thicker, healthier hair growth.
  • Reduces hair loss: It may help slow down hair loss and potentially reverse the miniaturization of hair follicles, which is the early stage of hair loss.
  • Improves scalp health: It may improve overall scalp health by reducing inflammation and promoting a healthy environment for hair growth.
  • Minimally invasive: It is a minimally invasive procedure with minimal downtime.
  • Natural approach: GFC utilizes your own blood, eliminating the risk of allergic reactions to foreign substances.

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Who is a Good Candidate For GFC Hair Treatment?

If you’re dealing with issues like dryness, damage, frizz, or dullness, GFC Hair Treatment could be beneficial for you. It’s also great for those looking to add shine, strength, and vitality to their hair. Whether you have straight, curly, or textured hair, it can work for a variety of hair types and concerns. If you’re looking for a way to rejuvenate your hair and achieve smoother, healthier-looking locks, you might be a perfect candidate for GFC Hair Treatment.

Things to Consider

  • Limited research: While early studies show promising results, more research is require to establish the long-term efficacy and safety of GFC hair treatment.
  • Multiple sessions: GFC treatment often requires multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart for optimal results.
  • Cost: The cost of GFC hair treatment can vary depending on the location, provider, and number of sessions required.


GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) hair treatment offers a promising solution for individuals experiencing hair thinning or loss. By harnessing the power of growth factors extracted from the patient’s own blood, this non-surgical procedure aims to stimulate hair growth, reduce hair loss, and improve overall scalp health. With its minimally invasive nature and natural approach, it is suitable for a wide range of individuals looking to rejuvenate their hair and achieve thicker, healthier locks. However, it’s important to consider factors such as limited research, the need for multiple sessions, and associated costs when deciding if GFC hair treatment is right for you. Overall, for those


Is GFC better than PRP?

Choosing between GFC and PRP depends on individual needs and preferences. Both treatments offer benefits for hair growth and scalp health, but GFC utilizes growth factors from the patient’s blood, while PRP involves injecting platelet-rich plasma. Consulting with a healthcare professional can help determine which option is better suite to your specific hair concerns.

How long do GFC results last?

The duration of GFC results can vary depending on factors such as individual response, adherence to post-treatment care, and underlying causes of hair loss. In general, patients may experience sustained improvements in hair growth and quality for several months to a year or more after completing a series of GFC treatment sessions.

What is GFC hair treatment cost?

The cost per session of GFC ranges from Rs. 20,000 to 1 Lakh or more (based on the sessions).