Find The Eyebrow Shapes That Suits Your Face


Do you also struggle with finding eyebrow shapes that suit your face?

If yes, this article will help you resolve this issue, so do read it until the end.

Eyebrows are the most crucial yet the most ignored part of the face. It is that facial feature that dares to either glow up your face or make it look dull.

The right eyebrow shapes make your eyes look more beautiful and your face’s shape more appropriate with your other features. Eyebrows envelop your face and make it look in synchronization. 

Your face would look well put together with the right eyebrow shape and help you steal the limelight with minimal effort.

Now that we have understood the importance of the right eyebrow shapes, let’s delve into the idea of the right eyebrow shape for different face types.

Important note: To figure out your face shape, try painting your face’s outline by looking into the mirror. You can use a moisturizer or any other thing, and outline your face shape by imprinting it on the mirror. This will help you identify your face shape more precisely.

Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face follows a general outlining of a heart. Some celebrities with heart-shaped faces are – Kourtney Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon.

A heart-shaped face looks best in eyebrows with a soft arch. Also, fluffy eyebrows suit this face type the best. One thing to take note of when it comes to eyebrows for a heart-shaped face is that they need to be well-groomed, that is, the hair of the eyebrow shapes needs to be in sync with each other.

Square Shaped Face

A square-shaped face has all the outlines of a face fairly similar. Some of the popular celebrities with square-shaped face are Olivia Wilde and Nicole Richie.

A square-shaped face looks the best in arched brows as it helps to soften the angles of the face. Moreover, a word of caution for the eyebrows is that don’t lower the edge of the eyebrow as it might make the eyes look smaller.

Oblong Shaped Face

Oblong-shaped faces have the length of the face the largest. Some of the popular celebrities with oblong faces are Liv Tyler and Joan Smalls. An oblong-shaped face looks the best in straighter brows with soft edges, as it helps to look the face a bit wider. A word of caution is, don’t go too much on the arch of the eyebrow shapes as it will add to the length of the face.

Round Shaped Face

Round-shaped faces are slightly curved on the outside and have comparatively rounder chins. Some of the popular celebrities that have a rounder face are – Kristen Dunst and Gabrielle Union. The round-shaped faces look the best in fuller eyebrows which have a sharp and angled arch. It helps to provide an angle to the face and a touch of sharpness to it. Make sure that the eyebrows don’t come out to be circular as they will only make your face look rounder.

So with this guide, choose the best eyebrow shapes that suit your face and help you make your face shinier and glamorous

Also, don’t worry if you couldn’t find your face shape in this article, this is just part one, more is yet to come.

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