Facial Massage: The Spotless Dose of Reality


Facial is one of the most common beauty treatments used in parlors and spas. The mere thought of getting pampered in a sauna or spa, with expert hands massaging and kneading your skin, brings the oh-so-wonderful feeling. However, there is also a certain percentage of people who find facials to be nothing more than skin degrading treatment. 

Here is an overview of why such negative thoughts are misconceptions and facial treatments are actually good for your skin.

1.  Benefits of Facial

Even though most people consider a facial to be a form of pampering the face, it has numerous plus points that make it worth adding as a monthly beauty regime.

  • Skin Cleansing

A beautician having the expertise of excellent facial techniques can cleanse your face in no time. The massage they use has the right number of rolling and kneading steps that remove excess oil and dirt from the pores.

  • Blood Circulation

During a good face massage, blood gets circulated throughout the face, allowing the facial cells to absorb more oxygen. This results in healthy and glowing skin.

  • Marks and Acne Treatment

It is a general tendency to pop a pimple as soon as it appears. This increases the chances of facial scarring or dark spots. A good Esthetician (beauty specialist) knows the right products as well the quantity of salicylic acid in those products that suits your skin. As a result, you can see reduced acne and spotless skin.

2. How often do you need to do Facial?

This is a common query that has multiple answers. However, dermatologists and reputed salons recommend going for a facial once every month. Within this span, new cells grow back and the old ones settle on the upper layer as dead skin cells. 

3. Is Parlour Facial good for the Skin?

Although the market is full of beauty companies selling facial kits, parlor services know the right techniques for its application. Everyone cannot know those techniques even after following YouTube or any beauty channels. The beauticians suggest products as per the skin type, enquire about any allergic reactions and use branded face massagers for visible benefits. 

‘Facial treatments are bad for the skin’ is an old-school phrase. Instead of believing in the information that has no valid proof, it is better to try the treatment once from a reputed salon.