Expectations from First Bikini Wax


Should I go for it or not?

Did you too have such confusing thoughts regarding bikini waxing? If yes, then you know that dilemma very well. 

The current obsession for nearly every individual around the globe, bikini waxing is a persistent player in the beauty market. If downtown grooming is your preference, a bikini hollywood wax is the fastest solution. Most of us who have collected our courage to stand in the parlour to get this waxing session will know the nerve-racking experience during the wait time. 

No one with this waxing experience will deny the pain. But once you see the result, it seems to be worth it. 

So, before jumping right down to attain the Brazilian experience, here is a small guide of what you need to expect.

What is a brazilian bikini waxing?

Brazilian bikini waxing` is one of the highly asked questions that parlour personals and beauticians come across. If simply stated, it is the removal of pubic hair with the help of a cold or hot wax strip. 

Expectation on Arrival

Remember it beforehand, your modesty will have to go through an ‘Agni Pariksha.’ An attendant will escort you to a private room before your session starts. As Brazilian waxing is a messy affair, you would be asked to change your clothes with the one provided by the salon. 

Even if you feel shy or ashamed or even think that the waxer can take a sneak peek to your nether region, you can rest assured. The waxer attending you may have been doing their work for months, if not years, so relax!

What is the Waxer going to do?

The first round usually consists of consultation. She would probably examine the hair length and ask how much of the area you want off. The recommended pubic hair length is around ¼th inches for a smooth waxing experience.

If you select basic bikini waxing that would mean you wishing for hair removal just outside the panty line. A full bikini means removing the hair off of the complete area. All you have to do is apply the wax gently in the bikini area. 

Does the pain go away?

If truth is spoken, no, the pain does not go away quickly. But the good news is if you get your pubes waxed regularly, slowly the pain diminishes. The effect that remains is similar to that of waxing your arms or legs. 

Less of a painful experience and somewhat of a tingling sensation for a few hours. Again, that too depends on the individual’s pain tolerance. However, if you want to cut down on some of the pain levels, you can exfoliate the area before visiting the salon. Taking a warm bath also helps.

How long does a bikini wax last?

This is a tricky query as the effect of hair growth is different for different individuals. Individuals whose hair growth is faster than the others may see hair growing in about 3 – 4 weeks. However, people with slow hair growth can wait for their next waxing session for at least 6 weeks.


Well, isn’t it obvious? Smooth pubes…duh….!!! 

It is a fact that the bikini line wax session will hurt, and it will hurt real bad. But it also is a factor that people who love showing off smooth, hair-free skin (arms, legs, upper lip, etc.), are well known for that type of pain. 

So, our recommendation would be to give it a try. Who knows, those 15 minutes of the waxing session can actually make you a regular Brazilian wanter!