6 Steps To Get Younger Looking Skin


If you are tired of spending half of your salary on chemically produced skin care products and are tired of not being able to see any visible results. Then, facial steaming is just the thing you need to do right now. Facial steaming is an age-old phenomenon to makes the skin radiant from within. Today there are high-class steaming parlors that ask for tons of money to provide you with something that you could easily do at your home. So stay tuned, to know an easy method to celebrate your skin with facial steaming.

But before that, let’s understand the benefits of this amazing traditional technique. Read more:

1. Removes Toxins From The Skin

Removes toxins from the skin

Facial steaming helps the skin to sweat, which in return aids in removing the toxins and unwanted substances from the skin.

2. Clear Pores

Clear Pores

Steam helps in opening up the pores on your skin and removing dirt and unwanted particles that get layered under the skin’s pores.

3. Helps in Better Circulation of Blood

Helps in better circulation of blood

As the face temperature increases, the blood circulation also increases. Which results in a healthy flow of oxygen and minerals.

4. Offers Hydration

Offers hydration

Steam helps in preserving the natural oils of the skin and makes the skin plump and bouncy.

5. Helps in Removing Excess Sebum

Helps in removing excess sebum

Sebum is a natural oil that gets trapped underneath the pores and might give an oily texture to the skin. The steam helps in opening the pores and removing the excess sebum.

6. Fights Premature Skin Ageing

Fights Premature skin ageing

Steam helps in removing the dead skin cells, which is considered to be one of the reasons for premature skin ageing. Regular face steaming helps in regulating the skin PH level and smoothens the skin, which results from removing the dead skin cells.

Apart from these six major benefits, Facial steaming helps in removing any blemishes and also helps to maintain the skin PH level. It is also clinically tested that Steam helps in better absorption of any skincare products. Steam is one of the best ways to get healthy and glowing skin. 

So, as promised above here is a steaming technique that could help you get that fabulous skin at no price.

Let’s get started.


1. Gas stove

2. Gas connection

3. Pan

4. A big towel and a small hand towel

5. Mild cleanser

6. Any herb ( Chamomile, or rosemary)

7. Essential oils (lavender or any other) (NOT NECESSARY)

8. Water

9. A rubber band to tie your hair


1. Switch on the gas, and put the water-filled pan on the gas stove.

2. Till the water is getting a boil, tie your hair back with a rubber band, and clean your face and neck with a milk cleanser.

3. Add the herb or a few droplets of the essential oil into the boiled water.

4. Switch off the gas, and keep the boiled water safely on a table. Sit comfortably on a chair near the boiled water. Hold your face a few inches away from the pan, and cover your face and the pan with a big towel.

5. Make sure that the steam doesn’t escape from the boundaries set by the towel.

6. Steam your face 10-15 mins. 

Notes to Keep in Mind

1. If your face feels a burning sensation then try to put your head away a few more inches.

2. Maintain a safe distance from the pan while sitting.

3. Avoid touching the hot pan.

4. Make sure you sit in the right posture.

5. Don’t go under the air conditioner or fan just right after the whole process.

Facial steaming is a technique that helps to cleanse the skin from within. Regular steam could help the skin get that radiance you have been aspiring for. An amazing and affordable skincare technique that will help you from avoiding spending huge money on makeup products in the market.