Clarifying Doubts Regarding Hair Rebonding


Often it has been seen that ladies wish to style their hair but confuse over different hair treatments. Even after surfing the internet, most of us remain puzzled whether to go for hair rebonding treatment or smoothen it to achieve straightened hair. Where smoothening is a technique that sits fit with people possessing straight hair, rebonding is effective for the ones having wavy or curly tresses.

Here are some of the general queries that will help you get a better idea about hair rebonding treatment.

1. How exactly is hair rebonding different from smoothening?

Hair rebonding is a safe, chemical treatment that relaxes your hair texture. It simply breaks down the bond, connecting the amino acids present in your hair. After breaking the bonds, the rebonding technique ‘rebuilds’ the bonds, thereby, changing the structure of the hair. With this process, extremely curly hairs can also be straightened.

Smoothening is a milder version of straightening the hair. This technique is usually advised to people who want silky, smooth hair and not a straightening treatment.

2. Can the hair be oiled after rebonding?

Most of the good salons often advise oiling the hair after rebonding. Regular oiling ensures proper nourishment to the hair. 

However, you can apply hair oil or any other hair product only after 72 hours. After 3 days you can start oiling your hair with olive oil or coconut oil.

3. When should the hair be washed after hair rebonding?

As stated above, 3 days is the minimum duration of leaving the hair without any hair product application or water. After this period, you can wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo or mild shampoo and conditioner. To see a noticeable result, leave the conditioner for a couple of minutes and then rinse well. 

4. How long does hair rebonding last?

As per the standard period, good rebonding can last up to 7 months. However, if you get it done from a reputed salon, the effect can also stretch till a year.

5. Is the result permanent?

Yes, this hair treatment guarantees permanent results.

These are some of the common questions that are asked by almost everyone who wants to get this treatment done. Even though a number of home rebonding kits are available in the market, the advisable option would be to visit a good salon to avail of the best result.