Break the Stereotype with these 3 Beard Styles


The beard styles have kept changing over the years and some of the old styles have also come into the trend again. Taken as a trending style statement, a man as a dotting beard-keeper is still considered a person oozing masculine charm. 

Moreover, keeping a beard changes the complete look of an individual. It creates the illusion of altering the shape of the face and making a person look different in different clothing styles. The thinning thatch can be covered, a babyface can be turned a bit older, and more. 

While there are numerous beard styles that one can keep but we are going to talk about the ones in trend right now. Let us see the top 3 beard styles that you can easily choose from.

1. Stubble

Even 5 years ago, this beard style was considered to be a by-product of sheer laziness. The halfway house between being clean-shaved and having a full-on beard, stubble accentuates the jawline better than any other beard style.

A recent poll result declared that almost 8500 women prefer men with stubble to the ones spotting clean shave look. Swag, isn’t it?

2. Van Dyke

It’s the peacocky yet roguish version of Balbo. A prominent name, Johnny Depp, prefers this facial hairstyle and has been seen, till present, to flaunt it with pride. This style includes the goatee, minus the sides. If you are about to visit the salon soon, ask your barber to keep your mustache prominent. This will accentuate your beard even more.

3. Full Beard

Growing a full beard has been the trendiest of all. If you have seen the movie KGF, you cannot say no to the full-bearded look of Rocky (Actor Yash). The full beard is currently taken as a modern icon of masculinity and virility. 

It is a huge misconception that a full beard is the easiest thing to obtain, that too without any extra effort. However, truth be told, to attain a stylish and well-groomed beard, requires strong resolve, commitment, patience, and an exceptional, experienced barber.

If you are planning to go to the salon soon, then do give it a try to one of these styles.

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