Glam Up Your Nails with Some Gorgeous “Nail Art!”


Our nails are one of the most underlooked and ignored parts of the body. People who run an extremely busy lifestyle often find it difficult to keep up with long, stylized, and polished nails. Many find it impractical and useless as the daily wear and tear of our busy schedule is not equipped to handle such high maintenance and delicate nail art. 

Many people who are fond of cooking also find it extremely difficult to work with long and painted nails as water; spices, food, and hygienic habits are thought to be compromised. People who play musical string instruments like a guitar or sitar can also find it difficult to keep such painted nails. However, with changing times and fashion choices, the world has evolved and so has the options for nail art and nail care. This includes “stick-ons,” “easily replaceable ones,” “sturdy ones” and various “blingy,” painted ones among loads of other options. 

To keep it short and simple, there is a choice of glamming up your nails without having to pay a hefty price or surfing high-maintenance options in salons and nail parlors. Today, let’s take a look at some options to cater to your taste, type, and budget. From “simple nail art designs” to customized “bridal nail art designs” we have something for everyone! Let’s dive right in!

1. French Nail Art Designs –

French Nail Art Designs

French Nail art is basically painting the tips of your fingernails a striking white color while the base remains nude. Importantly, a glossy layer of topcoat seals everything and finishes off. This is one of the oldest forms of manicure. This design is termed as “classy” and “elite.” This “easy” nail art design is something that goes with anything and everything.

2. Wedding


Wedding nail art designs use bright, bold, and striking colors with a combination of gold or silver. Though it is a wedding nail art, it is not limited to the bride. On the other hand, friends and family also tend to wear them. Therefore, you can go for this style in your upcoming prominent festivities.

3. Seasonal 


A lot of people want to change their nails as per the season. For example, bright colors look lively for the summer season and bold colors look glamorous for winter parties. Summer nail art designs will include motifs like flowers and fruits whereas winter motifs will be of fireplaces, reindeers, and wine glasses. Choose your aesthetic and go with the flow!

4. Pastel Nail Art –

Pastel Nail Art

Pastel Nail Art is one of the most soothing color palettes of all time. This is the perfect option for people who want to keep it minimalistic, subtle and simple. The color palette brings out the undertones beautifully without going over the top.

5.  Gel nails –

Gel nails

Gel Nails do not disrupt wear and tear on the nail beds. These are a softer and more bendable version of hard nails. If you are someone who wants to perk up their nails just a little without burning a hole in your pocket then this is the perfect option. Its glossy gel-like consistency is what makes it so popular.

6. Acrylic Nails –

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails are sturdy, long-lasting, and waterproof. They are resistant to wear and tear and can approximately last for around 2-3 weeks. Go for this option if you want to look for something that will last you for a long time.

7. Stick on Nails –

Stick on Nails

Sticks on Nails are a Holy Grail product if you want something temporary. Experiment and juggle with various styles, types, and colors and remove them whenever you want to. A stick-on nail makes nail art extremely easy and convenient.

8. Bling Nail Art –

Bling Nail Art

If you are someone who loves everything blingy, shimmery, glittery, and shiny then this is the perfect nail art for you. Crystals, bejeweled with the nails make a stunning pair that nobody can take their eyes off.

9. 3D


People who love everything dramatic can opt for 3D nail art. Let your imagination run wild and customize these nails in any way that you want to. From live matchsticks to water flowing, there are an endless number of possibilities to bring out that creative side of yours. Some of the “new nail art designs” include the 3D ones.

10. Floral Nail Art –

Floral Nail Art


Floral Nail Art can be achieved via various techniques. It can be a nail paint design or applied with nail polish to create abstract floral patterns. Additionally, this dainty and pretty nail art is wearable for brunch, lunch dates, or even a house party with your girlfriends!

11. Neon


Neon Nail Art is quirky, risky, and fun. This dazzling trend is definitely eye-catching. This unique nail art will absolutely make some jaws drop the next time you decide to party hard on a night out. It is considered to be one of the “best designs in nail art.”

12. Glow in the Dark Nail Art –

Glow in the Dark Nail Art

Well, the name says it all! Glow-in-the-dark nail art will be visible even in the darkest of areas due to the glowing properties which are present in the nail color. If you are someone who likes a bit of a creative challenge, then this is the perfect option for you.

13. Striped Nail Art –

Striped Nail Art

Striped nail art can be achieved with tapes. These tapes are placed on certain areas to create a shape and the rest are painted with a different color. Once it is dry, the tapes are removed to reveal the color underneath which gives the finished look of a striped design.

14. Themed Nail Art –


Themed Nail Art


A themed Nail Art is when the designs are inspired by upcoming festivals and events. For example hues of pinks and reds combined with heart-shaped designs for Valentine’s Day. This is a fun little way to glam up your basic, everyday nails.

15. Gradient Nail Art – 

Gradient Nail Art

Gradient Nail Art is also known as ombre nail art where two colors one light, one medium, and one dark are gradually deposited on the nails to create a beautiful effect. This style of nail art is easy to create with the help of a sponge, or a brush.

16. Stamping Nail Art – 

Stamping Nail Art

This Nail Art is created with the help of a particular nail stamp tool. Stamping prominent designs using nail paints on the nail creates beautiful stamping nail art. If you are a beginner or your hands are shaky, then this method is the perfect one for you.

17. Digital Nail Art – 

Digital Nail Art

Digital Nail Art is created with the help of a machine in which your specified design is inserted and created on the nails. You can choose up to as many options and styles as you want to. Although this style is a little expensive in the pockets, this is a foolproof option to go for.

18. Stencil Nail Art –

Stencil Nail Art

Stencil Nail Art is one of the most fun ways of nail art design. A specific design is cut out on a piece of paper to create a stencil. It is placed on the nails and painted within the boundaries to create a specific design.

19. Nail Art Stickers –

Nail Art Stickers

Nail Stickers are easy to apply and easy to remove. Paint your nails with a good base coat and let them dry. Apply the nail sticker over it and let it completely dry. To sum up, add a good coat of top layer to seal everything. And voila! You are all done.

20. Splatter Nails –

Splatter Nails

Splatter Nails are fun, easy to create, and extremely adjustable. So, to create a quirky pattern, splatter some colors on the base and seal everything in with a top coat. This will create a unique pattern without much hassle.

21. Water Marbling Nail Art Design –

Water Marbling Nail Art Design

Water Marbling is a unique pattern and easy to create option if you want to try something different. Pour nail polish into the water one drop at a time and create a circular pattern. Dip your nails in the water and slowly pull it out for the nail polish to stick. Clear off the excess from the sides with a nail polish correcting pen or remover.

22. Two-tone nail art –

Two tone nail art

Two-tone nail art is basically the application of two colors on the nails to create a striking and unique pattern. The bold colors are what essentially show the pattern of nail art. They can be contrasting colors, monochrome colors, neon colors, or pastel shades. 

23. Polka Dots Design –

Polka Dots

Polka dot nail art design is unique, retro-like, and brings out a fun 60’s fashion element. It is easy to do and does not even require the help of a professional. Bring out your colors to get painting and creative!

24. Matte Nail Art –

Matte Nail Art

Matte Nail Art is probably every millennial’s current best friend. This simple, yet aesthetic shade looks gorgeous even on the shortest and most unkempt nails. A swipe of matte color and you are all done to flaunt those gorgeous nails!

25. Animal Print Nail Art –

Animal Print Nail Art

Just as the name suggests, an Animal Print Nail Art design. This prominent fashion statement inspires this style. Choose from a wide range of shades, shapes, and designs to create the perfect look for your next party!

26. Tribal Nail Art Design –

Tribal Nail Art Design

Inspired from Tribal nail art motifs and designs, this nail art is intricate, bold, and a huge statement factor. To take your fashion game up a notch, try this unique style to get some compliments!

27. “Bride to be” Nail Art Design –

Bride to be Nail Art Design

A bride-to-be has plenty of things on her mind and a chipped, undone nail should not be one of those issues. A customized “bride-to-be” nail art design is available in most salons which incorporates everything according to a bride’s taste, type, and budget.

28. Pride/Rainbow Nails –

Pride Rainbow Nails

A pride/rainbow nail art may represent various things. It can be a symbol for the LGBTQ community or simply because you are someone who loves the design of a vibrant and colorful rainbow. Whatever might be the cause, a pride/rainbow nail art looks extremely gorgeous.

29. Braided Nail Art –

Braided Nail Art

Braided nail art is where the design of a fishtail/regular braid is created on the nails. It also falls under the category of striped nails. If you want to amp up your nails a little but no go absolutely batshit crazy then this is the perfect option for you. 

30. Jewel Nail Art –

Jewel Nail Art

Bejeweled or jeweled nail art is when rhinestones, bling, and all sort of glitter and shimmer is added to your nail art in order to make it appear larger than life. If you want to push that extra mile with your nails then this is the perfect option.

31. Geometric Nail Art –

Geometric Nail Art

Geometric Nail Art is all about an amalgamation of shapes and geometric patterns. These subtle designs look extremely classy and dainty while making a prominent statement. Opt for this look if you want to create something unusual yet striking.

32. Raindrop Nail Art –

Raindrop Nail Art

A Raindrop nail art is when a glossy drop of transparent nail paint is done on the nails to create a raindrop effect. This looks stunning and unique as it is bound to grab a lot of eyeballs.

33. Metallic Nail Art –

Metallic Nail Art

Metallic nail art is what makes the nails shiny, glossy, and metallic in texture and look. This “insta-worthy” nail trend is definitely here to stay and rule our hearts! For instance, you can get this look to rock that girls’ night out party!

34. Abstract Nail Art Design –

Abstract Nail Art Design

This nail art literally means what it shows. “Abstract – go wild with your imagination.” Do anything and everything and the end result will be absolutely one of a kind. Go, grab your nail paint bottles, and get started.

35. Foiled Nails –

Foiled Nails

Foiled Nails are one of a kind as the texture, color and feel are like that of an aluminum foil. Salon-trained professional experts crave this effect in perfection. However, you can also apply a nail crackle coat over dark-colored nail polish to achieve the desired result.

36. Conclusion 

In conclusion, nail art can be of various forms, types, and colors. Identifying what works for you and what doesn’t is the key factor over here. This includes planning a budget before hitting that luxury salon or sorting out your tools hygienically before setting up a workstation in your home. We hope that you have liked this curated list of styles and will be glamming up soon to make some jaws drop. 

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