Best Skincare For Men Through DIY Products


Gentlemen, what is practically a disastrous spell on your skin? Cold moisture-less breeze, nosedive temperature, and winter-special hot showers, aren’t they? And, the initial days of winter are enough to broom away the myth that men’s rough skin does not ask for care. 

So, putting aside this discriminative thought, Zoylee brings a routine for winter skin care for men to try these winters. And don’t worry if you are a selective investor and don’t like to invest in skin care products. 

What we have today revolves around the ingredients you can find in your kitchen, fridge, or maybe a closet, depending on your arrangement intelligence and habits. Let’s start with our skincare home remedies!


Why Does Skin Get Dry in Winters? 


Dry and patchy skin is common in winters. The humidity levels constantly drop in the winter resulting in a cooler, moisture-lacking breeze. This dry weather impacts individuals differently, depending on their skin type. What’s common is skin dryness. 

It’s interesting how we check our skin’s dryness by drawing lines through our nails. So, Zoylee will provide you best remedy for winter dry skin in this blog.


DIY Winter Skincare Tips For Men


Below are the steps to practice best skincare for men-

Honey & Curd Face Cleanser 


Honey & Curd Face Cleanser

  • Take 2 tbsp curd
  • Take 1 tbsp organic honey
  • Mix them well until you get a saturated thick paste
  • Cleanse your face for about 2-3 minutes
  • Wash off with normal water

Aloe Vera And Rose Water Face Toner

Aloe Vera And Rose Water Face Toner

  • Take ½ cup rose water
  • Take ½ cup aloe vera (plant-extracted)
  • Mix them and make a fine paste
  • Apply and massage a little portion on your face

On-Time Moisturizing


On-Time Moisturizing


Moisturizers are your best friend always, especially in winter. Hot water on top of that steals the required moisture of your skin. Regular application of lotions traps and locks water in your skin. 

Moisturize your skin as soon as you finish your business with hot water, be it showering, hand or face washing, etc.

If you want to maintain a complete DIY skincare routine, use organic aloe vera. It’s the best substitute of a moisturizer, even better.


Honey & Sugar Lip Scrubs


Honey & Sugar Lip Scrubs


  • Take 1 tsp honey
  • Take 2 tsps brown sugar
  • Mix them and make a thick paste
  • Scrub your lips with it for about 10 minutes
  • Wash it off with normal water





Sunscreen application has no limitations, so it makes sense if you apply it in winter too. Sun-influenced skin damage, like wrinkles, dryness, premature aging, etc., does not disappear in winter.

That’s why you should apply sunscreen even in the winter to protect your skin from UV rays. It is one of the most essential steps of skincare at home.

Lock Mositure in Your Hands

Your hands are in constant contact with cold air and water, which makes them prone to dryness. Keep moisturizing your hands to restore the lost moisture and softness.

Certain natural  ingredients are considered the best substitutes for moisturizers like-

  • Almond oil


Almond oil


Wash your face before applying the almond oil. Take small amount of it and massage it on your face and other required areas with your finger tips. 

You don’t have to wash your face post application as you are using it as a moisturizer. Almond oil treats dry skin and fights acne.

  • Coconut oil


Coconut oil


Coconut oil is another effective substance to restore the lost moisture of your skin. Take a few drops of it and gently massage all over your skin regularly to hydrate your skin well.

  • Olive oil


Olive oil


The best hack to get instant results with olive oil is to apply it when your skin is wet. The oil gets absorbed in your open pores and hydrates it from the inside.

  • Cocoa butter 


Cocoa butter


Cocoa butter includes a good amount of fatty acids providing your skin with a protective shield. This shield does not let the moisture exit from your skin. 

Apply it like you apply normal moisturizers regularly for visible results. 

  • Shea butter


Shea butter


Shea butter is the best to soften and moisturize your skin. Not only does it prevent skin dryness, but also helps cure skin swelling. 

  • Aloe vera gel 


Aloe vera gel


Organic aloe vera gel is the best product to prevent your skin from dryness as it has excellent properties of moisturization and hydration. 

Regular application of plant-extracted aloe vera may help your skin tighten and glow from within.

Ditch The Razors 


Ditch The Razors


Razors, as a part of skincare for men, can be harsh on your face while leaving cuts, bumps, and even signs of inflammation. Winters already contribute negatively to your skin, and razors on top of that can be extra. 

However, a little beard trimming for the sake of personal care & grooming will not harm you.

Don’t Forget Your Beard 


Don’t Forget Your Beard


When we say skincare, men automatically consider their beard, the most cherished thing, as a part of it. You can follow the below tips for a healthy winter beard- 

  • No hot water 
  • Less shampoo
  • Don’t leave it wet
  • Effective beard oils
  • Beard serum 
  • Don’t pluck 

Things To Avoid For Skin in Winters 

With tips to help you survive in winters, we even got you a list of things you should not do to prevent your skin from unwanted issues. Below are some advices-

Goodbyes to Long Hot Showers 


Goodbyes to Long Hot Showers


Long durationed hot showers can make your skin extremely dry and irritable if you don’t stop surrendering to the urge of staying long. One better way is to use mug and a bucket. 

Equal Attention to Your Body 


Equal Attention to Your Body


When you pay attention to one section of your body, you automatically take others for granted. Don’t do this with your body. 

Have your winter-special proteins and minerals rich diet, exercise regularly, and make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids!

Stop Overwashing


Stop Overwashing


Some men prefer washing their faces often, even in the winter for various reasons. This habit leads to moisture depletion of their skin and worst, cracks on it if they don’t moisturize it double the times they are washing it. 

If you are one of them, you should stop right now!


How to take care of skin in winter naturally?

Below is the winter care for skin home remedy– 

  1. Moisturize it right after bathing or washing 
  2. Apply a suitable sunscreen daily 
  3. Be consistent with your night skin care routine 
  4. Use aloe vera for the ultimate glowing and moisturous skin 
  5. Keep yourself hydrated from the inside, drink water 

How do men moisturize their skin in winter?

Use mositurizers atleast twice a day to prevent your skin from dryness. You can even use aloe vera or essential oils to lock the moisture. Always moisturize your skin with lotions so that your body becomes smooth. 

How can I glow my face in winters?

You can use the following- 

  • Almond oil or Cocunut oil
  • Moisturizers 
  • Sunscreens (suitable to your skin type)
  • Quit smoking 
  • Plenty of water 
  • Organic aloe vera 
  • Night skincare routine

How can I improve my skin in winter?

  • Keep moisturizing 
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Don’t ditch the night skin care 
  • Sufficient sunscreens to block the UV rays 
  • Use aloe vera as a cleanser daily 
  • Follow a healthy diet 

Do all skin type have same skincare routine?

No, the skincare rotuine is followed according to the skin type you have. As genetics differ, skin types also differ. There are various categories of skin; dry, oily, healthy, glowing, etc. The rotuine is planned on the shortfalls of one’s skin.

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