Benefits Of Chocolate Wax- International Chocolate’s Day Special


Happy International Chocolate’s Day! But, let’s celebrate it the Zoylee’s way. Everyone enjoys a good dose of chocolate, be it dark or milk. And this universal inclination towards chocolate is openly celebrated on the 07th of July. And this choice isn’t limited to our tongues, but even our skin.

Did you know that our skin is the biggest sucker of chocolate?

Benefits Of Chocolate Wax

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Well, now you do! And how would you feel if we say that we got calorie-free chocolates? YES! Fulfill all your chocolate cravings with chocolate wax while also getting rid of unwanted hair from the core.

For that, let us highlight some benefits of chocolate wax so that your appointment is well-assured, safe, and informed.

1. Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

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Chocolate wax doesn’t contain sticky substances, rather includes natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin. It facilitates hair removal from scratch with little to no irritation. Chocolate wax contains soybean, almond, and sunflower oil. It is home to vitamins and several nutritional components, which make it the best choice for summer.

2. Delays Ingrowth

Delays Ingrowth

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What other than delayed ingrowth can be better for women? Chocolate wax is known for preventing ingrown hair and removing the hair from the core. Even the tiniest of the hair is waxed out properly.

3. Less Painful

Less Painful

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We know how normal wax contains sticky substances like sugar and irritants like lemon, which increases pain. Chocolate wax, as already discussed, contains natural ingredients like almond oil, which helps reduce pain while getting waxed.

4. Removes Tan

Removes Tan

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Did you know that chocolate wax helps remove tan? Yes, it’s the best type of waxing for tan removal. That’s more of a reason to undergo chocolate waxing this summer.

5. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

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Conventional waxing gets your mind to two words; hot and inflamed. Right? But, with chocolate wax, it doesn’t have to be too much hot pre-application. A little warm temperature works well with chocolate wax. The overall outcome has lesser redness and inflammation.

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6. A Whole Experience

A Whole Experience

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Chocolate wax is a whole new experience as it has an amazing fragrance that releases your stress in an instant. And, who wouldn’t want to coat themselves in a nice layer of chocolate when there are several benefits of using chocolate wax?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is chocolate wax better than normal wax?

Yes, chocolate wax is better than normal wax as it contains natural ingredients like almond oil and soybean oil. This feels gentle and doesn’t harm the skin in ways other waxing products do.

Which wax is better honey wax or chocolate wax?

Honey wax can feel a little irritating on the skin as it gets sticky. While chocolate wax has all the natural ingredients, it is a better choice than honey wax. Hair removal becomes easy with chocolate wax as it enlarges the pores.

Which wax is best for skin whitening?

Keeping in mind the essentiality of skin whitening in mind, paraffin and chocolate wax play a crucial role in reducing skin tan and bringing out the internal glow.

Which wax gives smooth skin?

Chocolate wax is the ideal option for achieving smooth and soft skin in no time. It is used at a tolerable temperature, which reduces the chances of inflammation, redness, and burns. This gives us glowing skin.