Top 9 Benefits of Body Massage


Massage- a procedure for body relaxation with soothing music and flavourful oils. While a full-body massage takes you down the road of comfort, that very moment activates your body to its best. How? There’s a list!

And if you made your way to this blog, we assume you want an at-hand ready list including all the major benefits of body massage. So, off we go!

Reduces Migraine

Reduces Migraine

Credit- Times of India

Migraine, a common type of headache, usually is caused due to tension between our muscles. It triggers so badly, sometimes expanding the pain to different body parts.

Getting a full-body massage can help reduce these annoying muscle tensions, thus reducing migraine and other tension headaches. People with migraine should give it a go!

Improves Intimacy Between Couples

Improves Intimacy Between Couples

Credit- Well+Good

Out of several ways, physical touch is one way of bonding with your partner. Massage relaxation, on top of that, is a playful way for the partners to spark intimacy.

In case you don’t seek couple massages, try giving a full body massage to your partner to make things smoother and better. Who knew massage had such sensual benefits?

Encourages Better Sleep

Encourages Better Sleep

Credit- Live Science

Insomnia- a term defining today’s situation the best. If you’re also someone facing sleep deprivation or problems in the sleep cycle, know that benefits of massage include improving your sleep pattern.

A hormone responsible for good sleep, serotonin, is released during body massages, through which your brain enters into the mode of good sleep. A full body massage and good sleep, what a combination!

Circulation Improvement During Pregnancy & Reduces Labor Pain

Circulation Improvement During Pregnancy & Reduces Labor Pain

Credit- Intermountain Healthcare

A full body massage benefits pregnant women as it improves circulation and reduces labor pain. We will advise you to inform your masseuse about your pregnancy even when you’re bump is not visible so that they massage you accordingly.

Studies show frequent massages reduce the chance of cesarian and make normal delivery problem-free.

Relief From Constipation

Relief From Constipation


Untreated constipation and digestion issues can be annoying as they affect our routine life directly. But did you know massages can help reduce digestion issues? It helps make bowel movements healthier and regular. You won’t know until you try!

Gets Rid of Post-Surgery Swelling

Gets Rid of Post-Surgery Swelling

Credit- Greatist

Post-surgery or sports swelling or injuries are common and nothing to be ashamed of. However, people feel a sense of underconfidence in having one. That’s where a full-body massage comes into play.

Massage therapy is a rehabilitation for swelling or injuries when taken by a professional masseuse. And trust us when we say ‘therapy’ as it actually is one.

Cures Muscles Pain And Contraction

Cures Muscles Pain And Contraction

Credit- Northbridge Chiropractic

Muscle pain is one of the deadliest pains one can experience. And it becomes more annoying when it expands to different health issues. An oil massage full body benefits bodily circulation by setting it right, opening the path for the inflow of oxygen.

It stops the formation of toxic substances in your body, allowing all nutrients to flow right back into place.

Improves Body Posture

Improves Body Posture

Credit- Comber Physical Therapy

The importance of a good and healthy posture will only be appreciated when one understands the drawbacks of bad body posture. When your spine is bent for too long due to continuous sitting or working on screens, it worsens your body posture.

Getting a full-body massage is one of the effective ways to improve your body posture. It works directly on the muscles and joints of your body, correcting the bent joints and contracted muscles.

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Stress Buster

Stress Buster

Credit- Hotel La Terrassa

Body massage is the best option to release stress and anxiety while providing a sense of relaxation. With calm music, comfy surroundings, flavourful oils, and magical hands, one experiences the release of happy hormones right away. One of the main benefits of massage therapy is making people content and stress-free. It is as comforting and satisfying as stress-relieving fun balls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is body massage good for health?

Yes, a body massage is good for your health as it includes several factors like migraine reduction, relief from constipation, blood circulation improvement, relief from muscle pain, and more. Even doctors suggest getting body massages every 2-3 weeks for better blood flow.

How often should you get a full body massage?

The advisable frequency is about every 2-3 weeks to maintain healthy blood flow and correct oxygen inflow. It will be good for you as it releases all the tension from your muscles and joints.

What are the 10 benefits of a massage?

The following are the top benefits of body massage

  • Reduces muscle pain 
  • Reduces stress 
  • Improves blood circulation 
  • Improves sleep cycle 
  • Body flexibility 
  • Immunity strengthening
  • Cures post-surgery swellings 
  • Relief from constipation
  • Releases happy hormones 
  • Reduces fatigue

What happens to your body after a massage?

When you’re getting a massage, it releases happy hormones and the tension between your muscles, hence making you stress-free and relaxed. It softens your tissues and makes your body active to its best.

What should I avoid after a massage?

There’s a list of things you shouldn’t do right after a massage relaxation– 

  • Not doing what you’re masseuse or therapist tells you to
  • Drinking coffee 
  • Alcohol 
  • Immediate hot shower 
  • Not drinking enough water 
  • Too many exercises 
  • Having a large meal 
  • Stressing

How long do the results of a massage last?

The effects of a full-body massage can vary from as long as a month to as little as a day. However, people who are frequent with body massages experience effects for upto one to two weeks. That’s why it’s recommended to get full body massages frequently.