5 Types Of Hair SPAs You Must Know

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A hair spa is a must-try if you are on a venture of resolving your hair problems. Spa involves cleaning, massaging, applying a face mask, steaming, and rinsing. These steps help in moisturizing and provide nourishment to both the scalp and hair. When we talk about the benefits of a hair spa, then there are several, such as spa helps in cleaning the pores of the scalp and controls the oil production of it. It also helps in moisturizing the hair and increases the blood flow in the hair follicles. All in all, the spa is a must recommended if you want to control hair damage. But there is a loophole too when it comes to hair-spa. One kind of hair spa wouldn’t suit all, and thus there are different types of hair spas for different hair issues.

So, Hair is a brief description to understand the five different types of hair spas.

1. Hair-spa For Curing Dandruff

Hair-spa for curing dandruff

This type of hair-spa tries to cure dandruff on the scalp through inculcating processes like steaming and massaging that helps to control the oil production on the scalp and also relieves the scalp from the monstrous particles of dandruff.

2. Hair Spa For Oily Scalp

Hair spa for oily scalp

Oily scalp is one of the major reasons for hair fall. Hair-spa regulates the oil production of the scalp, and thus provides a nourished scalp and shiny hair. This spa treatment provides the luster and the volume to the hair that you have been long wanted. It is important that if you are seeking a hair spa for controlling the oil production, then you should take one every 20-25 days.

3. Hair Spa For Colored Hair

Hair spa for coloured hair

Coloring your hair in funky colors is the new trend, but what comes with following this trend is a lot of harsh chemicals that may distraught your hair and make them rough and frizzy. But don’t worry, one hair spa every 20-25 days will help you get rid of that broom-like hair and will give you ad-worthiness instead. Moreover, a hair spa will also help to protect your hair from these harmful colors and will provide its utmost nourishment.

4. Hair Smoothening

Hair smoothening

A nice hair spa infused with keratin treatment will surely give you that straight textured hair that you have been dreaming about. Apart from the part where your hair gets straight and smoothened, a spa will also get you a clean and dandruff-free scalp with gorgeous and voluminous hair.

5. Hair Spa For an Itchy Scalp

Hair spa for an itchy scalp

A good spa gets you a feeling of relaxation that too along with a clean scalp. These two benefits help you ease the nerves around your head and also prevent any infection or bacteria build-up from happening on your scalp.

The spa is all the rage these days, and to be honest with you, it does deserve the attention it is getting.

So, quickly go ahead and book your salon appointment to feel the amazing benefits of a hair spa.