5 Types of Hair Spa Treatments You Must Know


A hair spa is a must-try if you are aiming to resolve your hair problems. The hair spa involves cleaning, massaging, applying a face mask, steaming, and rinsing. There are various types of hair treatments that cater to customers’ hair types and textures.

These steps help moisturize and provide nourishment to both the scalp and hair. When discussing the benefits of a hair spa, there are several, such as cleaning the pores of the scalp and controlling its oil production.

Hair spa treatment helps to moisturize the hair deeply and increase the blood flow in the hair follicles. The spa is highly recommended if you want to control hair damage.

However, there is a loophole as well when it comes to certain hair spas. One kind of hair spa wouldn’t suit all, thus they differ according to various hair issues. So, here is a brief description to understand the five different types of hair spa treatments.

5 Types of Hair Spa’ Treatment at Salon

1. For curing dandruff

curing dandruff

This type of hair spa, known as a hair spa for dandruff, works on the scalp through inculcating processes like steaming and massaging. Thus, it helps to control the oil production on the scalp and also relieves it from the monstrous particles of dandruff.

2. For oily scalp

For oily scalp

Hair spa for oily scalp is a beneficial treatment that regulates oil production, nourishes the scalp, and provides shiny hair. It is important to get a hair spa for oily scalp every 20-25 days to keep your hair healthy and prevent hair fall. The spa treatment typically involves a deep cleanse of the scalp, followed by a massage with essential oils and other nourishing ingredients. This helps to remove excess oil, dirt, and buildup, it also helps to improve blood circulation to the scalp.

3. For colored hair

For colored hair

Coloring your hair in funky colors is the new trend. However, the harsh chemicals used in hair dye can damage your hair and make it dry, brittle, and frizzy. A hair spa every 20 days to 1 Month can help to repair and nourish your colored hair. A hair spa is a treatment that involves a scalp massage and the application of nourishing oils and masks to the hair. The specific ingredients used in a hair spa will vary depending on the type of hair and the desired results.

4. Spa for hair smoothing

Hair smoothening

A wonderful hair spa, combined with a nourishing keratin treatment, can truly grant you the delightfully smooth and straight hair you’ve been longing for. Beyond the magic of achieving that sleek texture, a hair spa also treats you to a refreshed and dandruff-free scalp, all while bestowing you with stunningly lush and voluminous locks.

5. Hair spa for an itchy scalp

Hair spa for an itchy scalp

A good spa gets you a feeling of relaxation, that too along with a clean scalp. These two benefits help you ease the nerves around your head and also prevent any infection or bacteria build-up from happening on your scalp. The Hair Spa For Itchy Scalp is all the rage these days, and to be honest with you, it does deserve the attention it is getting. So, quickly book your salon appointment to feel the excellent benefits of a hair spa.

Different Types of Hair Spas and Their Prices

If you are searching for salon or spa treatment at home, here are the prices. With Zoylee you can book a hair spa treatment nearby or wherever you want whether you want to book a salon appointment or get it it at your doorstep.

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Type of Hair Spa Price
Hair Spa for Dandruff INR 1000 – INR 2000
Hair Spa for Oily Scalp INR 500 – INR 1000
Hair Spa for Colored Hair INR 1500 – INR 2500
Hair Smoothing INR 2000 – INR 3000
Hair Spa for Itchy Scalp INR 1000 – INR 2000


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To sum up, a hair spa is a proven method way to make your hair more lively. Although, there are different types of hair spas, designed to address specific hair concerns. Whether you want smoother, stronger, or livelier hair, there’s a spa for you.

When picking a hair spa, just think about what your hair needs the most. Eventually, If it’s frizzy, go for a smoothening spa. And, if it’s weak, a strengthening spa is the way to go. Besides, if it’s dull, a rejuvenating spa can bring back the shine.

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What are different types of hair spa?

There are 5 types of hair spas which serve different purposes.

  1. Spa for curing dandruff
  2. Spa for oily scalp
  3. Spa for colored hair
  4. Spa for hair smoothing
  5. Hair spa for an itchy scalp

What are the various hair spa treatments?

Hair spa treatments are a way to deep cleanse and nourish your hair and scalp. They typically involve a combination of scalp massage, steaming, and applying hair masks or serums.

What kind of hair spa is best?

The best hair spa for you will depend on your hair type and concerns. If you are not sure which treatment is right for you, it is best to consult with a hair stylist or dermatologist.

Are there any natural hair spa treatments?

Yes, natural hair spa treatments are done using natural ingredients such as herbs, fruits, and vegetables to cleanse and nourish the hair and scalp. They are a good option for people with sensitive scalps or allergies.

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