5 Essential Winter Skincare Tips For Healthy Skin


The cold breeze of winter reminds me of the cozy holiday season, the quilted jackets, that pinkish glow on the cheeks wondering someone uttering ‘Googly Woogly Woosh’! Isn’t it that we all fantasize about this since we saw the Pond’s ads in our childhood?

Well, now wake up! Besides the many joys that winter offers to our souls, it poses a bit of a challenge when it comes to our body especially our skin. The dryness of winter robs the natural glow of the skin making it appear dull, flaky, and rough. Thus, it calls out for the need of hydrating the skin.

Here, in this article, I’ll cover five crucial winter skincare tips for women to maintain a healthy skincare routine:

1. Moisturize Your Skin Properly

Moisturize your skin properly

  • The most important thing that you can do for your skin is to moisturize it well. Instead of the water-based moisturizers which are more summer-friendly, go for the oil-based moisturizer. This will help lock the moisture and make the skin look supple.
  • Follow a dedicated after-bath routine. Dab the moisturizer onto the skin daily as soon as you took the shower. Remember, to be gentle.

2. Nourish Your Lips With Lip Balm

Nourish your lips with Lip Balm

Lips are the tender part of the face. If not taken proper care of, they turn dry and sore.

  • Apply oil-based ointments or organic products.
  • Never rub or brush your lips when they are flaky as it will make them appear worse.-
  • Follow a dedicated lip care night routine.

3. Make Coconut Oil Your Friend

Make Coconut oil your friend

Extra virgin coconut oil is your skin’s best friend. You can’t go wrong with it. It has a unique combination of natural fats which makes it a wonder oil for skin treatment and healing. Add this oil to your night skincare regime. Before sleeping, massage some oil onto your face, hands, and feet for smoother skin.

  • Rubbing oil onto the nail cuticle will foster nail growth and help you get rid of skin peeling in the winter.
  • Apply a few drops on the lips and get rid of the chapped lips. Coconut oil helps nourish the soft skin of lips.

4. Say ‘Yes’ to Natural Face Wash/Cleansers/Face pack

Say yes to natural face wash cleansers face pack

Since our skin is prone to dryness in winter and applying over-the-counter products can further add to it, replacing soap-based products with glycerine-based products will help cope with dryness.

Use homemade face packs, the natural ingredients will help retain skin glow and add moisture.

5. Drink More water, Eat Healthily, and Get Proper Ventilation

Drink more water, eat healthily, and get proper ventilation

The optimized water intake (8 glasses a day) and eating green leafy vegetables are not only healthy for brain activities and body movement but also for skin nourishment. Diet has a direct impact on how the skin looks. The more nourishing our food is, the more radiant our skin looks and feels.

In winters we tend to stay inside more, shutting down the windows and doors, this causes a lack of proper ventilation. It is important to let your skin breathe in the natural air to be healthy.

I hope these basic winter skincare tips will help you steer through the chilly winter season and help you regain your natural glow. Besides, following this regular homemade routine, making a visit to the nearby salon for the professional hair spa or a deep moisturizing facial won’t be a bad idea. For the best parlors in Noida, download the Zoylee app, and get started.