5 Beauty Products from the ’90s. Keep or Toss?


All the millennials will definitely reunite at the mention of some raging ‘90’s beauty products. From the wrong shade of foundation to dark contrasting lip liners, we have all seen an array of bizarre beauty trends and products. These have made a massive impact on generations to come and consequently we are in that fashion “phase” when some of these beauty trends, products, and accessories are coming back. Today we list down some of such iconic comebacks and leave it up to you all to decide if they are worth keeping or tossing. Let’s dive right in!

1. Dark lip liners with Contrasting Lipstick 

Dark lip liners with contrasting lipstick –

Lip liners were an integral part of 90’s makeup and beauty trends. Over lining the lips and filling them in with a lighter shade of lipstick, have been a raging fashion statement all throughout the ’90s. This look has been subtly making a comeback through socialite and beauty mogul Kim Kardashian and other Jenner sisters. However, would you be willing to try this trend again? 

2. Big, Oversized Scrunchies 

Big, oversized scrunchies

Scrunchies have often been used to portray women in a dumb manner over the years. The popular sitcom “FRIENDS” also drew similar references with this particular hair accessory. These hair ties were originally designed to protect our hair from breakage in the ’90s and have been a huge hit during that particular era. However, the product has been rebranded in current times with a variety of fabrics, colors, and designs to suit everyone’s taste type and budget. It has been flooded on our Instagram feed and local markets. Would you like to try on some scrunchies again? 

3. Bright Colorful Eyeshadows 

Bright colourful eyeshadows –I am sure all of us remember the era of overly tweezed eyebrows with bright hues of blue, green, and purple eyeshadows. This raging beauty trend was worn by almost every celebrity including the iconic Jennifer Lopez. In current times, makeup artists and content creators have been using similar shades for creative makeup, body painting, and more. Are you brave enough to try these shades again? 

 4. Clear Lip Gloss 

Clear Lip Gloss

Clear lip gloss has been the “ultimate” dream makeup product for every girl who has grown up watching movies and sitcoms like Hannah Montana, A Cinderella Story, Sex and the City, and more. These clear lip glosses were snuck inside school bags and used while giggling in washrooms. Over time glosses have made a steady comeback in the makeup and beauty industry after a long era of matte and super stay lip products. Do you wear lip glosses often? 

5. A Classic Brown Lipstick 

A classic brown lipstick

Brown lipsticks were like a well-done smokey eye in the ’90s. This popular lip color was sported by many celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Brandy, and Jennifer Aniston back in the day. In current times millionaire and beauty mogul Kylie Jenner has popularized them with her new collection of lip kits. Do you like wearing brown lipsticks in current times?

These trends will always remain a huge part of the 90’s generation and there is nothing better than a good old dash of nostalgia to incorporate into our current beauty routine. Which of these trends/looks are your favorites? Do let us know.