5 Beauty Hacks For You This Christmas


With the whole year spent in gloominess, the season of happiness and fun has finally arrived. The season of Christmas brings the invitation to a new year and new beginnings. So let’s bid farewell to this year by looking our best this final festival season.

So, for you to start your new year with an extra broad smile and confidence, we have put down some classic beauty hacks to let your radiance shimmer like the brightest star on the Christmas tree.

After all, Tis the season of love and laughter… and also looking splendid.

Smokey Eye Look

A smokey eye look never goes wrong for a festive season

A smokey eye look never goes wrong for a festive season. The look gives depth and shine to your eyes which is all we need for this festival. Raise the party’s bar by showing up with your glamorous eyes and making everyone stop and stare. So to get the smokey look, here are some quick tips:

TIP 1: Darken your kajal on both your lower lash line and your upper lash line. Take your eye shadow brush, and gently smooth down your kajal, giving a subtle dark eyeshadow look. Put on some brown eyeshadow on your eyelid’s crease to give everything an organized look. And Voila !! your smokey eye is ready.

TIP 2: To give that glamorous effect to your smokey eye, dip your finger in a shimmer eyeshadow and gently apply it to your eyelid. This will help you to pop up those eyes, and give an illuminated effect to your smokey eye look.

TIP 3: To make your eyes look awake, apply a flair of blush on your cheekbones near your lower lash line, this will help you give an aura of being awake and much bigger eyes.

Bold Lip Colour

a bold lip colour

Either go for a bold eye look, or a bold lip color, but not both at the same time. If you are going for a smokey eye look, choose a nude lip color in its shade. But if you are going for no eye makeup, then go for a very bold lip color for sure. Here are some tips to help you choose a lip color that is as bold as your persona:

TIP 1: A red lip never goes wrong, especially when it’s Christmas. Go for a lip color that will uplift your glam look effortlessly. Shades like red, pink, or maroon, are great for a festive season.

TIP 2: Don’t forget to apply a lip balm before applying the color. Application of the lip balm before the lipstick helps the lipstick stay for long and also prevents cracking of the lipstick.

TIP 3: Make sure to keep your makeup subtle if you are going for a popped-up lipstick shade.

Make the highlighter your best friend. Whether you are going for a loud eye or a loud lip, in both cases, the highlighter will splash up your makeup look with the glam that you aspired to have. Highlight the peaks of your face, such as your cheekbones, your cupid’s bow, your nose, and anything and everything that suits you. A highlighter will help you get that attention to your complete face and not just your eyes or lips.

Go for curls this festive season to make every head turn. Well, I know that rebonded hair is in the trend, but be a trendsetter by curling the ends of your hair and settling your whole makeup look with a completely stunning hairstyle. Keep your hair loose or tie them in a cute ponytail, but curling your hair will get you that extra edge with your makeup look.

Don’t forget to add that flirtatious glimpse to your makeup look by swooping a flair of blush on your cheeks. Make sure that you chose the appropriate color of blush to get that extra shimmer to your face. A subtle blush can never go wrong with any makeup look. So go ahead and give that red tint to your cheeks. But make sure that you keep the blush light and don’t go overboard with this beauty product.

These amazing five beauty hacks will for sure save you this festive season and will make you get that glamorous and stunning radiance.

So, enjoy the season and spread happiness. Also, make sure to laugh and love, after all,