5 Skincare Tips To Prepare Your Beauty Routine For Winter


Winters have set up in our beautiful cities and towns and it’s time to enjoy these winters with amazing skin and a cup of hot chocolate. But, as we all know that winters are a curse for skincare, maintaining healthy and nourished skin becomes a headache in this season. So, don’t you worry my friend, I have got just the right article for you…

Today we are going to discuss the five major beauty essentials that we all need to keep in our backpacks to always have beautiful and flawless skin

So without wasting any further time.. let’s get started…

1. A heavy Base Moisturizer

A heavy base moisturizer

Don’t let dryness and dullness steal your winter glow, get yourself a moisturizer that has a heavy base component, and use it after every face wash. This will not only help you to keep your skin moisturized and give you a radiance but would also help you deeply nourish your skin from within. It will also help in repairing your dry skin and scars that are caused due to the winter season. 

2. Lip Balm

Lip Balm

A must-have in the winter season, a good lip balm can help you protect yourself from the dryness in the lips. It also prevents chapped lips and keeps them nourished and hydrated. Today the market is flooded with lip balms of various shapes and sizes. You can either go for a tinted lip balm to provide your lips with a light shiny color along with nourishment, or you can go with a completely natural lip balm you choose, So pop in that lip balm in your backpack and get going without any ‘lip-worries’.

 3. A Petroleum Jelly

A petroleum jelly

A requirement of the winter season, petroleum jelly is a must-have in your backpack. Whether you are going through chapped lips or extreme dryness on your hands, good petroleum jelly is always there to rescue you from the harshness of the winter season. Petroleum jelly is an all-rounder when it comes to product versatility. So don’t forget to leave your house without petroleum jelly. 

4. A Waterproof Mascara

a waterproof mascara

It’s a task to wake up on winter mornings and head towards our work, and it is another headache to make ourselves look presentable and awake…well no worries girl, mascara is here to help. Apply waterproof mascara to give your eyes a glam look effortlessly. A mascara would help you look awake without you compromising on your time. So get that extra ten-minute sleep and still look awake by just one quick application of waterproof mascara.

5. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo

Winter mornings are really cold and it is not at all feasible to take a head wash every day before going to work on chilly mornings, so to save you from that greasy scalp and give you amazing looking hair, a dory shampoo is a must. Dry shampoo helps you get that bounce in your hair and removes the extra oil from your scalp upon its application. So without any worries go further and keep dry shampoo in your backpack for the days when you want to rock the parties with splendid hair.

These are the important beauty essentials that I feel can help you go through the winters effortlessly, Comment down below if you have anything else in your mind.

Stay happy, and healthy.

Until next time.