What To Look For Before Buying Makeup?

It is normally true that most people eat with utmost care to just ensure that what they ingest supports major internal organ functions. Like when you are cooking, simple and clean ingredients often create the best and the most delicious cuisines. The same principle is applied to the makeup looks one tries to carry. 

The makeup which clients use on a daily basis to enhance their appearance and not just mask them. It is meant to augment or build up the outer beauty without harming the actual skin of the person. The skin is a protective shell that needs to breathe and be nourished and nurtured completely.

As part of a daily routine, most women use makeup to enhance their appearance. But according to statistics, one out of every three women will never step out of their homes or comfort zones without wearing makeup. And another few would be wearing makeup more than what is actually required. 

So it might be a query for some that if more masking as opposed to enhancing is happening. Assuming these data to be true enough, knowing it varies geographically or due to certain other factors, would it not be wise for women to aptly choose what they should wear on their skin type?

Now comes the makeup ingredients that are being used inside the products. Certain kinds of makeup can sometimes be laced with toxic and harmful chemicals that are poisonous to our skin. 

If compared to the food analogies, it would be comparable to eating harmful ingredients as opposed to beneficial and nutritious food items that support the health and well-being of a body. But when a client chooses a makeup product, it shall also support their skin health and its well-being.

It is extremely important to know for clients how to check the label to ensure that there would be no harmful or poisonous ingredients in it. People can oftentimes have reactions like rashes, allergies, etc. to common cosmetic product ingredients. These reactions fall within the irritant contact ingredients, i.e., an itching or a burning reaction to a product irritating the skin, or allergic contact ingredients, i.e., swelling, stiffness, itching, blisters, etc.

Both types of reactions are commonly caused by fragrances, preservatives, or other chemicals within certain makeup products. Such makeup products can also cause acne reactions. This could be mild, common, and characterized by blocked pores and reddened bumps on the chin, cheeks, or forehead. 

Such acne may occur when oils from makeup clog the pores. Thick liquid or creamy makeup products are more often the culprits of acne than lighter makeup products like powders, concealers, etc. To avoid such reactions, the clients need to look for makeup products that are fragrance and oil-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic. 

Now the question that comes to our mind is – what ingredients to avoid for our face or skin types?

The most commonly used ingredient in makeup can contain various harmful chemicals. These could be coal tar dyes like BHA, BHT, etc. DEA-related ingredients most often found in creamy kinds of products are simply preservatives. 

The ingredients list could contain a lot of names that are proven scientifically and medically that they are toxic to a human body and shall be necessarily avoided. They are the ones to avoid any fragrances, PEG compounds, parabens, and so on.

A makeup artist should always look for professional makeup products without the preservatives like the by-products of metals leading to permanent skin damage on a cellular level, talcs, and unnatural colorants. So the main motive would be to enhance the client’s appearance without exposing their skin to toxic chemicals or ingredients.

What ingredients to look for while purchasing?

Not all professional makeup is equal so selection should be done wisely. Ideally, makeup should be purchased with clean and simple ingredients that can be easily used on the skin. 

When choosing a makeup product to invest in, look for a product that is good enough for the usage, and is everlasting. Makeup that is light and long-lasting will allow the skin to breathe easily and will not create unnecessary problems.

Choosing makeup products is a task. While choosing a professional makeup product, less is often considered more. Seek a product line that has minimal ingredients. Like on average, most professional makeup lines contain anywhere from 10 to 20 ingredients. Makeup artists should look for a line with a minimum of three to a maximum of 10 ingredients.

And then comes finding a product line that does not absorb water or skin oils.

A makeup line should not leave the face shiny and it shall mimic the color of the client’s skin to create a more natural look and glow. 

Since many clients suffer from sensitive skin types, considering a line that works for all the skin types or finding one with specific products for those dealing with sensitive skin.

A client’s appearance and how good they feel about how they look is imperative to self-esteem, self-image, and their overall being. As most people would choose their food wisely in today’s health-conscious era, the same choice should be made when it comes to purchasing makeup products and taking topical skincare for clients. 

A long-lasting and clean makeup look without any harmful chemicals and ingredients should be explored.

As clients often request a more natural, effective, long-lasting, natural-finish, clean makeup without toxic and poisonous ingredients, makeup artists should perform adequate research to make sure that they choose the most appropriate and suitable range of products for their clients.

The key to natural, healthy, glowing skin is first to protect it by using makeup without ingredients that are harmful to the skin. The second is their execution i.e., its application. 

Regardless of the application methods used, makeup should be applied properly, never looking too heavy, but instead giving off a natural, sheer radiance. It should look decent. The client’s skin should be left with a diffused, flawless, and natural look.

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