Ways to Keep Curly Hair Detangled All Day Long

Have you ever yearned for curly hair just by seeing one adorned by Kangana Ranaut or Tapsee Pannu? If yes, then welcome to the same neighborhood! Even if most of us don’t have the gift of curls, we can get one in a professional salon. However, the natural curl bearers have a completely different story to relate to.

Where curls look beautiful, managing them can be similar to a nightmare. Especially, when curly hair is super thick and gets tangled in no time. Curly beauties…. you can relate to it, right? 

As curly hair has textured waves, the hair strands easily get tousled and can take hours to detangle. In fact, people with curly and dry hair have an all-totally different difficulty level when it comes to maintaining their hair. But the best thing the beauty industry offers is a proper solution.

Here are the 3 best ways that you can use to achieve a tangle-free hairdo.

1. Washing in Parts

If we can comb our hair in parts to avoid hair breakage, why not follow the same for washing? 

Nearly all of us will accept the fact after analyzing the fact that our hair gets tangled the most after shampooing. To avoid such situations, it is best to wash your hair in sections. 

The best way to do so is by combing the hair well before you step in the shower. Instead of shampooing from the tip of your head, start from the bottom of your tress. Slowly, work your way up to the center of your scalp. In place of rigorously scrubbing your hair, gently scrunch the hair from below and massage towards your scalp. 

2. Condition Well

Conditioning your hair is an essentiality that you should never miss. The current beauty market is full of hair products and conditioners made especially for curly hair. These conditioners have ingredients that provide the required moisture and nourishment to the hair, in addition to protecting the curls from pollution and UV rays. You can either use the normal one or opt for a leave-in conditioner. 

3.  Best Friends with Detangler

Hair masks are no doubt a good solution for keeping your curls tangle-free. But when you need to travel a lot, you can’t keep those masks on! 

Even if you clamp your tresses with clips and bobby pins, you are bound to get your hair messed up. So, to handle the situation well, keep a small detangler/ detangling brush in your purse. 

Additional point – apply a small amount of olive or argan oil on the detangler and comb your hair for shiny, tangle-free hair.